May 1, 2007

364 Days Ago

364 Days ago we were given a very special gift - a tiny, blonder than blonde, snuggly little baby. Tomorrow, that little guy is going to be one years old! I just can't believe that it's been a year already. I can't believe how big Sam has gotten, and all of the things he's learned to do.

Yesterday Sam was ecstatic for most of the day. It was awesome and adorable. We played downstairs and he just talked and laughed and squealed. Then, in the afternoon, I took Sam out and we went to the party store to get some stuff for the party on Saturday and went to the mall. My original purpose for going was to pick up the pictures I'd sent online to get printed for Sam's photo album of his first year, but they weren't ready. So we just walked around, and Sam was so cheerful! Then we went to the play area and I let him crawl around. He gets so excited - he will screech with happiness! He really likes going through the tunnels that go through the different climbing equipment.

We're getting jazzed up for our Birthday/Cinco De Mayo Fiesta on Saturday! It is going to be a Fiesta themed joint birthday party for Justin and Sam. I haven't really started freaking out about it, but I also haven't really thought that much about how there are going to be 30+ people at our house! I'm really excited about the people that are coming - a cool mix, and I invited our neighbors who have the 1 year old and they're going to come too!

Today we are going to babysit Seamus and Lorelai for a couple of hours, and tomorrow Justin and I have a babysitter coming so we can enjoy a night out without the kid. Yeah, I know, tomorrow is Sam's real birthday, but he is too young to know the difference, so maybe we'll consider it a "Congratulations us on getting through the first year" celebration!

Sam loves to clap and the only "word" he'll consistently say is 'bap' for 'clap'. If you say "yay!" he will start to clap his hands, and he's started doing it sometimes when he sees people clapping on TV. He is also starting to make noise by putting one hand over his mouth and moving it off and on his mouth to make a "wa wa wa" sound.

Sam has figured out some of his toys! He loves his Drop and Roar Dinosaur even more than before now that he figured out how to put the balls into the holes and get them to play the music and go out the mouth and tail. He has another toy that's like a ball ramp spiraly thing and he likes that one too. He is interested in putting things in and taking them out. He also stuck one of his Roll-a-rounds balls into the round speaker whole on the subwoofer for our DVD player and it won't come out.

We've started giving Sam whole milk with his meals sometimes instead of having him only drink formula. He seems to enjoy it and it hasn't caused any digestive problems at all so far, so that is great! We love the Gerber little graduates pastas - raviolis and pasta and cheese.

Not much else exciting news around here! I will post again soon, and will get up more pictures soon - maybe this weekend after the party.

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