March 29, 2007

Drooly Teeth Monster

That is what Sam has been the past few days. He is getting tooth number 7, on the top, and it is one of the worse ones. Some just don't seem to bother him as much, but this is definitely one of the tough ones so far. I can't wait for molars.... He has been drooling a ton and generally fussy. I'm sure this is also the cause of the bizarre schedule on Sunday night. Lucky for us, Tuesday night he went to bed at 10:15 and woke up once at like 1:00 or so for a bottle (we were still up), then slept until 10:15 the next morning! Hallelujah! Last night he did sort of the same, down around 10:30 and I got up with him at 10:30 this morning. He did wake up last night around 1:30 or so, then again around 5:30. When woke up at 5:30 Justin and I were so tired that we decided to just let him cry and see what happened. He cried for about 15 minutes then was back to sleep. Yay!

I am hoping this tooth will come through and start bothering him a little bit less before next week. We have a big couple of weeks ahead of us! Mom is coming down this weekend for some kind of conference in Tacoma, then she's going to come over here on Saturday night. Next week is her spring break, so she is going to take Sam back up to Bellingham with her for a couple of days so we can have a couple of days of freedom. Woo! I almost don't know what I'll do! We have really great family, it is so wonderful to have people who love him so much that they want him to come visit and love us so much they want to give us a little break! We'll see if they still want to do it later when there's more than one.

Speaking of which, we have officially started trying for baby #2. I had a doctor appointment last week to discuss a couple of things. We aren't sure exactly how it will go since we had so much trouble last time, hopefully it won't take 2 years this time around! We'll actually make the transition to fertility doctors much earlier this time if things aren't working on their own since we know sort of what the deal is.

Anyhow, since Sam will be in Bellingham next week, we'll probably come up there to get him and stay over for a couple of nights. I'd like to see Rob and Susan and Maggie again, visit with Leela, and maybe see Esme and Ty. Plus we definitely want to get out to visit Justin's Dad while we're up there, we don't really see him enough. Maybe while I am there I'll also get to meet Jeff, Leela's boyfriend, and Mom's new boyfriend! They both seem to be very nice from what I've heard and I'm looking forward to meeting both of them.

On Monday we went to Best Buy and used up the rest of our store credit. We got a big TV for the bedroom that you can actually see from the bed - okay, it's bigger than TOTALLY necessary, but whatever. We also bought a DVD player since our old tiny TV had a built in DVD player. We don't use it as much now that we have more than 2 rooms in our house, but it's nice for when people are staying on the sofa bed downstairs, or for sometimes when Justin is up working late and wants the noise, or for if we get sick. We also got an XBox 360! It is pretty cool. I have been getting more into video games since we started playing RibbitKing on the Gamecube and I've actually gotten pretty good at it. So, I am sort of obsessed with Viva Pinata. That was my choice of games - Justin got a couple of other ones including a racing game and a couple of other things. I have played this game for hours already. It's the kind of thing where I can literally sit down and play it for two or more hours at a time and have to force myself to stop. Plus it's really cute, and all the animals have funny names like Fudgehog (Hedgehog) and Sparrowmint and Raisant and Syrupent. We also played the demo of Lego Star Wars, which was pretty fun, so I might see if we can borrow that one from the Bergman's or something.

Well, that is about all that's going on here. I should really get to sleep so I'm not too sleepy tomorrow. I might go to the mall or toy store to shop for Lorelai's birthday, plus Brooke, Seamus, and Lorelai are coming over tomorrow while Justin and Dave go to the Tragically Hip concert. If it's nice out, we might walk down and feed the ducks and play on the playground for a while.

Oh, also, I have been totally dawdling on getting up pictures from when Susan, Rob, and Maggie visited, plus random pictures from after that. I will do it soon!

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