February 12, 2007

Sick Baby + Daddy Away on Business + Slightly Sick Mommy = Not A Great Weekend

So, it's Monday night, and Sam just threw up all over me. Now he's in bed with his mobile going, and hopefully he'll fall right asleep.

We had an interesting weekend, to say the least. My Mom came down on Friday after she got off work, and let me tell you, if she hadn't been here this weekend I don't know what I would have done. Sam ate a normal breakfast on Friday, but then took an abnormally long (4 hours!) nap, and then wouldn't eat snack or dinner. Sitting in his high chair after we'd tried to give him dinner, he threw up. No, this was not the spit-up type throwing up of previous days. This was full on little person vomit. And it just kept coming, and coming. I have never seen so much barf come out of someone. I try to figure out how to get Sam out of the puddle he was leaving in the high chair without totally getting it all over me, and finally grab a towel and wrap it around him to carry him into his room. He is also acting lethargic and has a slight fever, which Tylenol brings down. Later that night we try to give him a bottle, and he throws the whole thing up.

The next morning, Sam has a bottle for breakfast and throws it up. At this point my Mom suggests we call the doctor just to check and see what's going on. He did have shots on Thursday, so we thought maybe it was related. I talk to a nurse who says that it's probably not related, and that there's been some kind of stomach virus going around. Give him watered down formula if he can't handle normal, and pedialyte to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated. No solid foods for 24 hours after he stops throwing up. So, I go out that afternoon, but as I'm getting ready and leaving, my stomach starts to hurt. I end up feeling sick and lethargic until Sunday evening. Saturday night, my Mom goes out with a friend and Sam and I go to bed at 8:30 pm, my stomach cramping and turning.

Sunday morning, Sam wakes up at 7:30. I make him a bottle, foolishly thinking that since he hasn't thrown up since Saturday morning he can take formula. He finishes it, then throws the whole thing up all over my bed. Since he was lying down, the barf is in his hair. I take him to the sink, wash his hair with a washcloth, and he falls back asleep. I go back to bed as well, squeezing into the part of my bed that's not soaked with barf. Sam wakes up a few times, but I don't get up and he goes back to sleep. We end up getting up around 11. I give Sam watered down formula with pedialyte, but he is clearly not satisfied. I feel like I am torturing him by not giving him solid foods. I give in and give him a cracker. He seems a little happier. He is still lethargic and napping on and off throughout the day. Later that day, he hasn't thrown up and seems a little better so we give him a little bit of mashed potatoes (from a box). A few hours later, he throws up again. A few times. All over my Mom. Then he seems to be feeling better. At 11:00 pm I am at the end of my rope. My Mom looks at me, sitting in front of the computer with tears in my eyes talking to Justin, who is still in the Philippines, over Instant Message, and asks if I want her to call in sick for work and stay with me. I nod sadly, feeling defeated.

I go to bed. This morning, Mom gets up with Sam, giving me a little extra time to rest. I wake up to him crawling around the house and seeming to be in a better mood. He stays up for almost four hours, then goes down for a 2 hour nap. When he wakes up, Mom is nice enough to give him a bath and let me take a shower before heading back to Bellingham. He's definitely acting more normal, a little happier, but is still fussy and sleepy. We play a little and then he falls asleep again around 5:30. He sleeps in his crib for less than an hour, but then falls asleep for another hour and a bit in my arms while I watch TV. No solid foods today. At 8 or so I make him a bottle, and add a little bit of rice formula to his bottle. He throws up some of it. At 9:45 I make a regular bottle, watered down slightly. I give him a couple ounces, then he doesn't want anymore. A few minutes later I pick him up to put him to bed and he barfs all over me, and himself.

He's asleep now. He's now been throwing up since Friday night. Three full days. It's horrible. I just want to make him better. I was sure that after today he was really getting better, but now I don't know what is up. I guess tomorrow we'll probably be in for a visit to the doctor. Sigh... send 'get healthy' vibes our way if you can spare them!

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