February 3, 2007

Me time!

Yesterday I dropped Sam off and had dinner with Stormy, Gryphon, Tempest (Sam's Aunt & cousins) and Grandma Deanna. We went to Azteca and Gryphon cut up a bunch of french fries into smaller pieces and put them in a cup, then gave it to Sam. It was really cute. He is going to be five in a couple of weeks!

I sent Sam off with Deanna until Sunday, and while I was driving home Brooke called. She met me at my place at 8 and we had a sleepover! It was totally fun. We wanted to watch The Lord of the Rings movies. We only both have the extended versions, which makes it about 12 hours of movie, so we obviously didn't get through all of it. We got through the entire first one, and about 1/3 or so of the 2nd one. Then it was 2:15 and since we are such old ladies we were falling asleep on the couch we decided to go to bed. It was a nice break for both of us - this morning Brooke said it was weird but sort of nice to not have been woken up by kids climbing into the bed or waking up at 8 in the morning. We slept in until about 10:00 or so, which was great, then just lounged around for another hour. We had a great time.

Today I'm about to head out of the house and maybe go to the movies - I think I'm going to go see Blood Diamond because no one really wants to see it, but I think I will since it was nominated for some Oscars. I might also go see Pan's Labyrinth because I really want to see it and Brooke is probably going to see it with Dave. I might also go to a coffee shop or something and try to read some more of my book club book (I'm not doing so great this month). Then back home for another night of really good sleep before I have to get Sam tomorrow at 2:00.

I know I should probably spend some of my time cleaning the house while Sam's not here - I definitely need to clean the bathrooms and vacuum... but who wants to spend their time doing that stuff? We'll see....

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