February 8, 2007

Good & Not as Good

Which news do you want first, the good, or the not very good?

The not very good news is that Justin confirmed what I suspected would happen. He is now going to be staying out of the country for three weeks instead of the original 16 days. Sigh... apparently he has to fly to Singapore from the Philippines because there is someone there who can't fly to Manila. Sigh... which means another five days probably of him being gone, and another weekend thrown in there for me. I think I am going to stop thinking about it now before I freak out.

The good news is that Sam and I had a good day! Sam slept through the night last night, and didn't wake up until 9:00 instead of the earlier times he woke up the two days before that. We had a good morning and then I was actually able to take a shower with no hassle! I put him on the floor in our room & shut the door (it's Sam proof), and left the door into our bathroom open. He just played on the floor and didn't even cry or come into the bathroom! Then we went out to lunch w/Brooke and Dave and the kids. Brooke made me really happy while we were out because she was telling me about some song Seamus had been making up at home. Apparently he was making up the words and singing about how he has his mommy and he has his daddy and he has his lorelai and he has this person Rachael and they are his family or something like that. I just love those kids so much, they are really like family to us. After lunch, Sam and I went shopping. When we got home, Sam took a nap and I FINALLY got our bathrooms cleaned! I even got down on my hands and knees and cleaned the floors by hand. It has been WAY too long. I'm proud of myself for doing it even though with Justin gone, it's not the first way I want to spend my time when Sam finally goes down for a nap. We had a pleasant few hours after his nap and then I put him to bed and he went to sleep without crying! Yay!

Tomorrow is the dreaded doctor appointment. Wish me luck.

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