February 13, 2007

A day without barf...

Finally! I ended up taking Sam in to see his doctor this morning since he was throwing up again last night. She checked him out and his lungs and ears are clear, and his stomach/intestines are still making good gurgles. So, basically he probably has gastroenteritis (stomach flu) that's been going around. Unfortunately, there isn't much to be done. I have to keep feeding him the watered down formula & just building up, and start giving him solids again when I think he can handle it. Also, unfortunately for me, she said that he will probably be done throwing up soon, but if it follows the trend of her other patients, he'll probably get diarrhea now. For 7-10 DAYS. Sigh... the life of a parent.

So, today he just ate formula (3/4 strength) and pedialyte, and had 4 saltine crackers. He's in bed now and got through a whole day without throwing up! He's still clingy and really fussy. I don't know if it's because he's sick or also because he could be teething again. I feel so bad because he doesn't feel good and I know he doesn't understand why I can't make him feel better. I'm the one who helps him - I feed him when he's hungry, change his diapers when they're dirty, help him fall asleep when he's tired, play with him when he is lonely. But I can't make this better for him. It's a little heartbreaking. Hopefully he is done with the throwing up and will start really feeling better tomorrow... I am still off and on with my stomach feeling a little sick, so hopefully I'll be done with that soon too.

I just talked to Justin and he told me that he's coming home on the 22nd, which is 6 days longer than originally planned. I'm not sure exactly why they want him to stay longer, but I asked him to find out. I don't think I'm quite cut out for single parenting... so hopefully I'll have my husband back soon!

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