February 14, 2007

A Better Day

Well, today was a better day. Sam was still a little fussy and sleepy, but much better. He also ate real food - I tried to go slow and not give him too much, but he had some banana baby food in the morning, then in the afternoon he had some banana mixed berry, and later on around 8:30 he had some oatmeal with a little yogurt mixed in. He's also back to drinking full strength formula. He didn't throw up at all today either except for a couple of little burpy spit-ups, which is par for the course with him. Did I just use a golf metaphor? YES! So, anyhow... He was in a much better mood, played by himself a little bit (thank goodness) and even laughed a few times! He didn't poop today, and I'm hoping that he's not saving up for the diarrhea phase of this sickness. Would it be too much to hope that maybe he'll skip that altogether? I guess we'll see. But the real great part is that I made it! I made it through five days of sick baby and I am still alive.

Oh, also, this morning he was leaning back and I noticed that he has a FIFTH tooth that I didn't even know what coming in! It's on the top to the right (if you're looking at him) of his 2 front teeth. It's fully broken through the skin and growing in. No wonder he's been so fussy! Geez... having to have shots, full on teething, and be throwing-up sick all at once? I feel so bad for him! I'm so glad he's feeling better.

The other nice thing that happened today was that. That in the picture. A really pretty bouquet that Justin sent me! Happy Valentines Day to me. It also came with chocolates from Seattle Chocolates. At first I thought they would just be okay. They're truffles, the kind that are individually wrapped in little wrappers. There are Raspberry, Espresso, and Mint. Then I ate one of the Espresso ones and it is SO GOOD! Mmmm.... Thanks Justin! The whole house smells like lillies.
Tonight Brooke, Dave, Seamus & Lorelai came over and hung out and we just played and had pizza and they watched Chicken Little. And finally took their DVD home that's been in our DVD player for several months! They just left about a half hour ago and I put Sam to bed. Now I'm going to go take out the garbage and lay on the couch downstairs and watch 'Lost' before I go to bed. Hope everyone had a really wonderful Valentines Day today, and if you didn't, well, it's over now!

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