July 5, 2006

I Might Have a New Little Sister Soon

I've written some of this before, but the background is that my stepdad (was married to my mom for 17 years, they got divorced 2 yrs ago, so he's really a dad to me) and his new wife are expecting a baby. The baby has duodenal atresia, which means the stomach & intestines are not connected right so the baby has to have surgery within 12-24 hours of being born to repair it. The surgery has a very high success rate, but the baby will be in the hospital a minimum of 3 weeks (that's if everything went perfect), and maybe up to 2 months. They are having the baby in Seattle, which is about 1.5 hours from where they live in Bellingham, so they'll basically be moving to Seattle for a couple months and are not sure where they'll stay (maybe Ronald McDonald house or something). We offered our place, but it's a 1 bedroom condo and they didn't seem sure about staying here especially since we have a 2 month old baby. She is due around the 28th, but they scheduled her induction for July 19.

Rob just called me and Susan is on the way to Seattle in an ambulance right now. She went in for her twice weekly NST today and the baby's heartrate is fine, but she was not moving as much as they would like. So, she's on her way down. Rob is heading back to their house to get some stuff and drive down here. Susan is all alone in the ambulance, and they're meeting the doctor when they get down here to find out what's next. It's possible that this baby is going to come now. Please keep us in your thoughtsand wish us good luck - I may have another sister soon!

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