July 20, 2006

I Have a New Little Sister!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, and this one isn't even about Sam! Margaret (Maggie) Parker Costello was born today at 4:37 pm weighing 5 lb 14 oz. She was about 10 days early. Susan (her mom) was induced this morning, and did great with the labor. Maggie has to have surgery tomorrow to repair it. The surgery takes 3 hours and has a 90 % success rate. Please keep Maggie in your thoughts, she is my sister and I'm already in love with her! She is so beautiful. It is definitely still funny to think that my sister and little boy will grow up playing together! Also, please keep Susan in your thoughts. She is all alone because Rob had to go with Maggie to the Children's Hospital ICU since she was transported there since that's where they'll do the surgery tomorrow. Susan and Maggie are both doing well so far, but I'm sure she is worrying tonight. Woo hoo! There are photos in the photo album, and I promise to update about Sam soon. Dad, Helene, and Lianna arrived tonight for their visit, so I'll be sure to update again by next week since so much excitement is happening!

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