June 21, 2006

Welcome to Seattle - Aunt Becky is Here!

We are very excited today to have guests here at our house! Aunt Becky arrived from Atlanta this afternoon, and she and Mom are staying here until Thursday, we're going to head down to Tacoma on Thursday to enjoy the Tacoma Farmers Market. Sam is getting tons of love and cuddles. Sam is doing really great. He's "talking" a lot more - he coos more and just makes little noises. He's still eating tons, and growing quickly out of his newborn sized clothes. He's discovered his tongue and loves just sticking it in and out of his mouth, which is quite adorable. We are still just loving spending time with him, and really looking forward to the new things that come every day with him!Here's what's been going on the last few days...

Last Friday I took Sam up to Mt. Vernon to Mom's school to let her show Sam off to some of her students and co-workers. It was their last day of school and they were having a barbeque. Luckily the weather even stayed nice enough to be outside, and there were LOTS of really yummy desserts.

Saturday we made it to the Fremont Fair, and I even managed to catch part of the parade. Traffic was a little bit of a nightmare on the way there because 520 was closed AND there was a Mariners game! It took me more than twice as long as normal to get to Fremont, and by the time I got there the parade was about to start so the traffic was all crazy. I missed the beginning of the parade so didn't see too many naked people! Ha. I did get to see a good part of it, and then Mom, Keith, Kira, Sam and I got some food (mmm... Funnel Cake!) and looked at some of the booths. I also got a pretty good workout pushing Sam's stroller back up the hill to where I'd parked the car. We headed up to Bellingham to spend the night and had a father's day dinner with Justin's dad and his neice Crystal.

We stayed the night Saturday at Rob and Susan's, which was really nice. We got up and made a big breakfast and enjoyed bacon, eggs and really yummy blueberry pancakes. It was a really nice way to spend Justin's first fathers day. I'm really excited - it's probably less than a month before they'll induce Susan and we'll get to meet Maggie! We spent most of the day there, then in the late afternoon went and hung out with Mom for a while. Check out the photo album to see what she got Justin for father's day. Adorable!

We came home Sunday night and on Monday I went to the eye doctor to get an exam and look into getting contacts again. I've been wearing my glasses for about 10 months now and I'm finally ready to get rid of them again. I'll be getting soft lenses this time. They had me try some on and I was really surprised at the difference! I could barely feel them and it was so quick and easy to get used to them - not at all like the hard lenses I used to wear. I also found out my prescription for my left eye is a lot different - because I discontinued the hard lenses, my eye went back to it's natural shape, and I was really surprised by how much correction I needed even with my glasses on! So, I think that I'll be really happy when I get the contacts.

Oh, on a final note - we finally got our dishwasher here and installed yesterday. It's wonderful and a lot quieter than our old one. Yay!

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