June 6, 2006

Monster Baby!

We went to the pediatrician today for Sam's one month checkup. He weighs 9 lb 6 oz! That's right, he has gained about three pounds since his last appointment four weeks ago. That's 50% of his body weight! I guess I should have known with the monster amount he's been eating, but I just didn't realize. He's now 21.5 inches long (gained .5 inch) and his head is 14.5 inches in circumfrence. He is in the 50th percentile for weight now, but his head actually is still lower than the 50th percentile. Everything else is good, he is healthy and happy. He had to have his 2nd Hep B shot today. He cried like a maniac for about 2 seconds during the shot, then pouted, then he was fine. Speaking of the pout, I got a pretty good picture of it which I'll post in the photo album just after I finish this entry. It's very cute.

On the way home from the pediatrician, we stopped at the chiropractor for Justin to get adjusted, and we set up Sam as a new patient. Yes, that's right, our 5 week old baby got a chiropractic adjustment today. A year ago, I would have thought this was an insane thing to do. But then one day I was waiting for Justin in the waiting room there and picked up "Chicken Soup for the Chiropractor's Soul". Don't ask me why, the Chicken Soup books are ridiculously "heartwarming" and I am not usually interested. But there wasn't much else to read. There were all of these stories in there about babies and children being helped by Chiropractic when no other doctors could help or when they were having serious health issues that couldn't be figured out or treated. So I started to think about it. Sam has been constipated for much of the last 4 weeks. We've had to use suppositories to help him along several times because after going only 1.5 or 2 days without pooping he starts to get fussy. So I started to think that maybe the chiropractor could help him. We are also going to switch him after this container is gone to a soy based formula instead of a cows milk based one to see if that helps. Some babies can't tolerate cows milk very well until they are older - I believe my Mom said my sister was like that. In any case, I did a little more looking on the internet and decided to take the baby to Justin's chiropractor. It makes sense in many ways - babies spines grow so much during the first year, it makes sense to have someone track it just to make sure that everything is developing well. He adjusted him - if you are imagining the jumping around, squeezing and cracking that you may have experienced if you've been, don't worry, it wasn't like that! It was very gentle, he just felt all around his spine and neck and hips and then used the activator to do a gentle adjustment. He said he'd guess Sam will go to the bathroom on his own tonight or tomorrow morning. If he's right, I'll definitely be a believer!

If you haven't checked in in a while, I wrote a long entry yesterday about what we've been up to for the last week, and this entry may start up a new page - so if you're curious, make sure to go back to the previous page and read about our adventures as well as what Sam's been up to and what kinds of new tricks he's been doing.

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