June 24, 2006

First Bath with No Tears

Well, Sam is 7.5 weeks old and usually cries like a maniac when we give him a bath. The last few times he's been okay when we put him in the baby tub and he's just laying on the hammock thing in the water, but as soon as we pull out the washcloth and start washing him, he starts to cry and turns beet red. This time we put him in the bath, and no crying at all! We kept waiting for it to come but he just had his big blue eyes open and kicked his feet like usual and didn't cry even when we took him out into the cold air to put him in his towel! Woo hoo! It was great. Now he's dressed and his hair's cute and fluffy and he's lying on his Baby Einstein play gym and swinging his hand at the little plastic card with a pig on it.

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