May 11, 2006

Sam Out and About: One Week Down, Several Thousand to Go

It's been a few days since I updated - I've been spending the computer time I've gotten trying to respond to some of the hundred e-mails I've gotten since Sam was born! I'm pretty close to being caught up too! We've had lots of visitors and some outings! Here's what we've been up to the last few days:

Sunday: Hung around the house at home for the morning. Mom left around 1:00 to go home and re-acclimate to the real world since she had to go back to work on Monday. A while after she left, Grandpa Harold, Becky & Crystal stopped by to meet Sam and visit for a little while. That evening Justin got seperation anxiety when I took Sam to book club to meet some of the ladies for about an hour and a half. It was Sam's first outing that was NOT to the hospital. He did great - just slept while Brooke held him. He got fussy in the car on the way home, but only because he was hungry and I stayed longer than I meant to. I also got to meet Mikaela, Kelly's new little girl (born 4/14), and she is a cutie!

Monday: Monday we just hung out at home and got acclimated to not having the extra help of Mom being here! Sam was introduced to his Aquarium Cradle Swing - he loves it and he sat in it for about a half hour and then slept in there for another hour or so, so I was able to get some chores done and some e-mails written.

Tuesday: Sam went out again on Tuesday, we took him to Fred Meyer and did some grocery shopping. He slept in my arms and in Justin's the entire time that we were there. I was so tired when we were done, I felt like I'd run up a large hill or something! My body is definitely still tired. Sam slept for 4+ hours in a row Tuesday night, which was great for Mommy & Daddy!

Today: We took Sam back to the hospital for our third appointment at the postpartum center with the lactation consultant. We are still struggling with my milk supply and supplementing with formula. We found out today that Sam is still hungry as we should have been letting him eat almost twice as much as he has been! He's eaten three times since, and we introduced him to the bottle so that when Justin feeds him he doesn't get used to finger feeding with the suplementation system since if he gets used to it he might not like the bottle. He ate from the bottle like a champ and is sleeping VERY contentedly after actually getting full! We are going to keep trying with the breastfeeding for at least another week and keep giving him formula to keep him happy in the meantime. When we got home we thought we had locked ourselves out of the house, giving me a minor panic attack, but on the way over to our friend's house for dinner we realized the keys had been in Justin's pocket all along!

We went to Brooke and Dave's new house, which is looking great, and hung out and had dinner with them. Sam was very calm and not fussy at all, and didn't even mind when Seamus and Lorelai were noisy. We're trying to let him be around other people and noise so that he doesn't get used to it being really quiet or to just being with us. Seamus loves to pet Sam's head and also kissed him on the head a few times. How cute. Lorelai does not seem to care much either way, although she knew who he was and everything! I was having a rough day today - feeling tired and a little bit sad about the breastfeeding, and hanging out with Brooke and talking really did me some good. They are going to the zoo on Friday and we may join them for a little fresh air time.

That's what we've been up to. Things are going pretty well. Sam is such a good baby, hopefully he will stay pretty mellow. We've already learned the following:

You do not realize that you can be so happy to see poop until you have a baby and he has his first one in a few days. Nor did you ever think you would be standing there saying 'good job!' sto someone who just pooped.
It does not matter how rational you are, when your baby smiles, you will convince yourself he is really smiling even if you know in your head that it's probably just gas.

Even if you try to cover him up the entire time you're changing him, a baby will wait until you lift the cloth to put on the new diaper, then pee on you.
The faces babies make can entertain you for hours.

I also found out the day after I got home that my good friend Brie is pregnant! She and her husband had been trying for a bit, and I know that she's very excited. She'll be due in December or January, and I'm looking forward to watching from the other side this time. Oh, Sam is awake & hungry so I must go! I'll be back with more soon!

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