May 7, 2006

Sam is Home & Doing Well

I can't believe it's only been four days since Sam was born! It seems like now the time passes in hours instead of days. I could write a novel with every detail, but that would be boring, and also totally insane. So I'll try to just give an update on a few details, then post some more new pictures to the photo album.

Mom is still staying with us, but she's going home tomorrow evening since she has to go back to work on Monday. It has been so great having her here just to take Sam once in a while so we could nap, or to do little things like make us food or clean up the dishes. She has also been happy to spend a lot of time with Sam. I think she'll be in Sam withdrawl as much as we'll be in withdrawl on Monday from not having the extra help!

Sam is really a good baby. He was very fussy on Thursday night, and cried for a good part of the night, so we were pretty tired. We figured out that he was not getting enough to eat, and now that we're doing some supplementing, he is more content, sleeping well, and was only up for a couple of hours last night. I think I like it most when he's awake and just hanging out and looking around. I wonder what he sees. Sometimes when he's fussy he likes to go out on the deck and feel the fresh air and listen to the cars going by.

We went back to the hospital yesterday and again today to talk to the lactation consultant in the postpartum center. Sam had not been getting enough to eat and we're still waiting for my milk to come in for him, so we are supplementing with formula for now. The people at the hospital are so helpful in doing whatever they can to keep us informed and help us in any way possible to get Sam well nourished and happy. We'll be going back for another appointment Wednesday, and Sam's going to see Dr. Wu - our pediatrician - on Thursday.

Today Sam had his first bath since we were in the hospital. He was not too happy about it and cried, but it wasn't too bad and he didn't make things hard for us. He turned a magnificent shade of beet red before we got him out of there! He's all clean now though and after he had a meal was content to sleep for a couple of hours.

That's all for now, I'll post again soon!

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