April 24, 2006

Happy Monday

I am sitting in our living room looking outside - it is beautiful out, very sunny! We are getting to the point where we'll probably have our sliding doors open for summer. The cats love to go out and hang out on the deck. It's supposed to be 72 today! Then most days are in the high 60s for the next week or so.

Mom and Kira came and hung out for a while yesterday (see photo album for one thing that ensued). I guess next time I see Mom, she'll be on her way down because the baby's coming! Crazy. She brought him a cute outfit with a shark on it from her vacation at Edisto Beach. Kira is coming back on Wednesday because she is awesome and is going to paint our bathroom. I wanted to have it done before Sam got here (hopefully that will still be the case), and I knew if we waited we would never do it. But it's so nice that she is coming to do it for us. Plus it means I get to hang out with her while the paint dries.

Not much else is going on! Justin's working right now and there are only a couple of things I want to get done, and we'll probably do them today. I have my bag packed and ready to go and everything. We have a doctor appointment tomorrow (Tue) at 1:30, so I will definitely post an update about what the doctor says then! I hope everyone out there is having a happy Monday even though I know that it is hard to do that sometimes!

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