April 1, 2006

BIG Shopping Trip!

I took my Mom to the airport this morning, and Justin went skiing, so I decided to stop at Babies R Us aftewards and finally get to do some shopping! I got a lot of stuff that we still needed.... pacifiers, crib sheets, a changing pad, a portable changing pad, hamper, the mobile that matches our crib set, receiving blankets, the thermometer... and a bunch of other things.

Of course, I couldn't resist getting some fun baby stuff. I got a little rattle, and a dinosaur toy with all kinds of parts, and I just couldn't resist the little baby tye dye t-shirt. There was no way!

I was also QUITE happy because the 2 toxboxes that match our crib/nursery theme stuff (the Malawi collection), have been unavailable through Amazon/the store for a while. The upholstered one is never on display when I go in, and last time I went, they didn't have the wooden painted one either. But I went today, and not only did they have it on display, they actually had one in their warehouse at the store! YAY! I was kind of resigning myself to the fact that I wouldn't be able to get it, so I'm really happy. It's very cute.

We are, of course, not finished shopping yet. But we're doing pretty good on the essentials. There are things left on the registry like the high chair, the booster seat, safety gates, but we won't need those for a while anyway. We may not even end up needing the high chair depending on when we start needing one we may be able to get one from Brooke & Dave (the best hand-me-down source EVER I might add).

As Justin said when I showed him everything.... now all we need is a baby.

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