April 25, 2006

39 Week Update

Well, 39 weeks down. I had my doctor appointment today. Pretty regular - baby's heartrate is 150-160, he's still head down, and I'm dialate 2-3 cm. So, a little progress from last week. Things are just moving along slowly I think. I still haven't felt any contractions. I talked to Mom and she said she never had contractions before she went into labor. We have another appointment scheduled for next Tuesday (my due date!), and he said that they don't like to let people go much more than a week past their due date because the risk of having a c-section or a big baby increase a lot if you're 41+ weeks. I think by next Tuesday if I am not progressing much I will be ready to think about scheduling some kind of induction. I would rather things happen naturally, but I am also getting very restless and I think now I'm ready to meet my baby. Last night I was sitting around feeling restless and realized that my mind has started to shift in the last day or so, and I'm starting to be ready for this baby to come. I've felt unprepared and unsure for the last few weeks, but now I'm ready to meet Sam and to start taking care of him and getting to know him and learning what the heck I'm doing. Mom is probably going to stay with us for a few days after Sam is born to help out. Then Aunt Becky is coming to visit in June, and Dad, Helene & Lianna will probably come near the end of July. Justin is definitely ready for Sam to get here. He wants to meet him, and he's always trying to make me walk up and down flights of stairs to help me go into labor. Ha. I have been doing more walking around in the last week though - probably just because of being restless. Yesterday I didn't do ANYTHING, and by evening my mind was jumping around everywhere and I wanted to do SOMETHING, but I didn't know what! Well, that's all for now. I've got to go get ready so I can go to the movies. We're going to see "American Dreamz" with Brooke tonight.

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