April 11, 2006

37 Weeks and Counting

Can you believe it? Only 3 more weeks until Sam is due to join us. It's crazy. I had a doctor appointment today, Justin went with me. The doctor was out this week, so we saw his nurse. The baby is still sitting high, and no progress, which is okay with mea t this point! His heartrate was 140 or so, but my blood pressure was low today - 110/64. She felt around my tummy and guestimated that Sam's getting towards 6 pounds now, but of course that's nothing scientific at all!

We stopped by the baby boutique at the hopsital on our way out and bought an exercise ball to use during labor and afterwards at home. My friends found with their kids that the ball can come in handy when the baby doesn't want you to sit down because it's unstable enough that it's still almost like you're standing. We also stopped & pre-registered at the hospital so we won't have to do as much paperwork when we come in for labor and delivery.

Kira came up today and we went to Babies R Us with her truck and finally picked up our dresser! I'm so glad to finally have it, it looks nice in the bedroom and now I have a place to put away the clothes that I've started washing, and a place to put the diapers when they get here next week. We bought spray bottles today to try and train Piper & Phoenix that they need to stay off the changing pad and out of the crib. I feel a lot more ready now, I'm sure there are things we still need, but we won't realize it until he's already here.

I also got a box of goodies today from Helene & Lianna! A nice book and very cute stuffed Kangaroo & Joey, and a bunch of clothes! There is a nice consignment store really near their house, so Helene went and bought some things for Sam - very cute stuff. Also included in the box was an outfit picked out by Lianna - I knew which one it was right away - see the photo album for details. Thanks to them, thanks to the things people have bought for us, and the things we've gotten from friends, we are really well stocked up!

Things are going well all in all. Sam is still growing and moving different ways every day. It's funny that he can still move around in ways that feel different than anything he's done before. Luckily he isn't beating me up too bad - he rarely punches or kicks hard enough to hurt me! We are getting ready now - we are mostly finished with our birth plan and working on lists of who to call when, and I've been thinking about packing some stuff up for the hospital so it's ready when we need to go. Mom's coming down this weekend, and I can't wait to show her the new stuff we've gotten. I'll update again soon!

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