April 7, 2006

26 Days and Counting

Do you hear that? 26 days until this little guy is due to join us in the world. I can't believe it. Things are going all right. I've been getting some stuff done during the day, but when it's later at night I still feel anxious, and my head is filled with the things I still have to get done. But, I have gotten the following done this week:

Put together the crib.
Put together the toy box. This was actually an ordeal, as I mentioned in the photo album. I put the whole thing together myself and then got to the LAST step, which was attaching the safety springs so the lid won't fall down. After I attached them, it would not close! I almost went crazy, and Justin finally figured out that the wood blocks that are attached to the lid to screw the springs into had been attached upside down at the factory. For some reason, the one thing they had to do themselves, they couldn't do right. Sigh.... all is well now though, and the tox box is very cute.
Called & set up the first delivery for our diaper service.
Called & made an appointment with the pediatrician next week.
Cleaned out the storage at our apartment to make a little more room for whatever we need it for.
Packed up some glasses in the kitchen cabinets to make room for the bottles & put them in.
Went to Babies R Us again and got a few more things I needed.
Talked to Kira about picking up our dresser, which is finally in.
I forget what else. We had our last baby class on Monday night and got a tour of the hospital maternity ward. I am still really scared of the actual birth, but I just have to try and be confident that it's all going to work out in the end. I like to have a plan for things, so I think that it's hard for me that I don't know what's going to happen until it happens and it is not something that can be planned.

I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday, I'll have them every week now. He checked and there is not progress or anything, but the baby IS head down, which is good. I don't think that Sam's going to come early, but I suddenly am realizing that if he did decide to come, they wouldn't try to stop it.

I'm happy, I'm excited, and I'm terrified. In less than a month, our lives are going to change so much. I can't wait to meet Sam, and for everyone else to meet him. I don't think I'll every feel totally ready, but I think that's just the way it is! I presume it will be the same way with toilet training, his first day of school, his first sleepover etc. I'm still looking forward to all of it...

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