March 22, 2006

Only 6 More Weeks

I had my 34 week doctor appointment today. Everything's good, the baby's heartrate was 150 just like always, and my stomach is still growing. Also, I gained four pounds this time, which is probably good! So... overall, I lost 35 pounds, and have gained back six. So I'm still down 29 from where I started. That's crazy. I thought the doctor appointment went well, I actually talked to the doctor more this time a little bit about having the baby and my classes, and some about circumcision too.

We had our second baby class last night. We did some practice of some positions for labor and breathing, and talked about drugs. I haven't really changed my mind much about the drugs. Basically, I am really going to try and do it without, I don't necessarily want to have an epidural, but if I feel like it's too much, or if the labor ends up being hard or very long, I won't be disappointed in myself if I decide to have the epidural. I'm just trying to have the same attitude about everything - that I have ideas about what I want, but it all depends on the situation and how things go, and to not set myself up to be disappointed. It's kind of the same thing with breastfeeding. I am definitely going to try and do it, but try not to feel bad if there are problems, if I need help, or if it can't work for some reason. I don't expect that to happen, but as long as I consider all of the possibilities, I can be at least a little bit prepared.

Despite all of that, I am still very nervous about the actual birth. My doctor said 'You will be fine, you are going to have the baby and it will be fine". He said what I try to think, which is that people do this all the time, and I can too. Also, like he said, it's different for everyone, and you never know how it's going to be until it's happening.

Today I got a great present in the mail - our car seat was delivered! I knew that it had been bought for me as a gift, and I promised not to open it until after the shower, but of course you can see what it is from the box. It's exciting to have one of our first new, big things. Everyone has been so generous so far. All of the things people have gotten for us, and of the things we've gotten from Brooke and Dave are so helpful and great! I can't wait until I'm off work and can start getting more ready around the house.

I also got another great present today from Justin - a video camera! I have been saying for a while that I wanted to get one and thinking about it, and he got a nice, small one at Comp USA when he was there today. Since it was brand new, and they only had one in the store, we got a free two pack of videos since it had been on display for a couple of days. It's brand new though since not many people had looked at it yet. I'm glad we got it. We'll play around with it and use it some at first, but I'll like having it when Sam gets a little bit older.

What else? Not much. I'm still working full time as of now. I told my boss last week that I didn't want to work full hours next week, and she was going to check on it with her boss, but she didn't do it until Monday, and then today she came and told me she had an answer and we could talk about it tomorrow. Which I assume means that someone didn't like the idea of me not working full hours next week. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I wasn't too happy with it... it's so hard, and I'm physically and mentally exhausted and at the end of this week will have had 2 entire weeks of overlap with my HR replacement, who is doing really great. She's very smart, and I don't really see her having many problems when I'm gone. She seems to be picking everything up well, and has good questions. I'm sure there will be breakdowns, but I think she'll be able to fix them with ease and get things right again. Anyhow... I'm just really ready to be done I guess. So we'll see what happens when I talk to my boss tomorrow.

Well, I'm off - I want to go get some cereal before I go to bed tonight. More soon!

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