March 15, 2006

Eighth Month Pregnancy Reflections

My pregnancy classes are:
Going well so far. We've had 2 classes out of the four, and we both like our teacher.

In the classes, I've learned how to:
freak out more about giving birth. Just kidding. We've learned about the stages of labor, and talked about different comfort measures, which is good. I like hearing about the actual stages of labor and when things happen, because it makes me feel more prepared.

What I've bought for you so far:
Not much! I am waiting for the baby shower and until I'm off work to do most of my shopping. I have bought one very cute onesie and the lamp to match the bedding set, but that's about it so far!

What other people have bought for you:
Grandma Edie has bought 2 CD's - one music, and one a voice recording of the Velveteen Rabbit that I had when I was little, as well as an awesome pair of blue and orange plaid tennis shoes. Grandma Helene has bought lots of clothes, and threw me a surprise baby shower at Christmas time! I got the bedding set, some very cute stuffed bears, some books and other good things. And, it wasn't 'bought for you', but we have received lots of things from Brooke & Dave, who I'm sure will be somewhat lifesavers in the $ department for us! We can thank them for the stroller, infant seat, bouncy chair, lots of clothes, and eventually a crib & probably high chair! I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out, but I have an excuse... my memory is not what it used to be!

The strangest food craving I've had during this pregnancy is:
It's not really a craving, but Cheetos taste really good to me now.

The strangest piece of advice I've gotten since this pregnancy started is:
Still haven't gotten much strange advice. Today someone told me to sleep whenever the baby sleeps to get more rest, but that is not strange advice, I'm pretty sure it's just good advice!

At my prenatal visit, I learned:
That the baby is right on schedule! My last appointment was at 30 weeks, he measured right on target, I finally gained weight (even if it was only 1.5 pounds), and the heartbeat was right on. Also, my doctor shaved off the beard which he suddenly had at my 26 week appointment, and I was kind of happy about that.

My hopes:
That the next four weeks of work will go by fast, but then miraculously time will slow for the month of April to give me time to relax and get ready for Sam.

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