March 6, 2006

Academy Awards

I taped the Oscars last night and watched it just now. I actually managed not to hear or see anything about it on the internet or TV today, except for accidentally seeing that 'Crash' won best picture.

Things that are ok:
- Brokeback Mountain won best score, which is definitely true. I have never heard a more beautiful movie.
- It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp won best original song, which is just awesome. Period.
- Ang Lee winning best director for Brokeback Mountain.
- The guys from March of the Penguins all had BIG STUFFED PENGUINS! That was awesome. Also the guy tweeting and saying 'that means thank you in penguin'. AWESOME.
- I'm okay with Phillip Seymore Hoffman winning best actor. He creeps me out, and there was no way in hell I was watching Capote, but I can believe that he was good in that.

Things that are not okay:
- BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN being beaten out for CINEMATOGRAPHY. This was one of the most beatiful, spectacular movies I have ever seen. Seriously.... what the hell?
- Michelle Williams being beaten by Rachel Weisz for best supporting actress. I saw 'The Constant Gardner'. It was okay, but even from the clips they showed... how could you pick her over Michelle Williams?? I didn't see all the movies, but I don't get this one.
- Reese Witherspoon winning best actress over Felicity Huffman. It's just one of those things where I don't feel like she was bad, but the to me in the roles they played I would have gone for Felicity.
- Brokeback Mountain being beat by Crash for best picture. I saw both movies. I'm not saying Crash was not a good movie, but in terms of the whole picture, and impact, and images, and everything, I don't see at all how it beat Brokeback Mountain. I am disappointed.

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