February 13, 2006

Update & Another Quesionaire

I had a good weekend. On Friday I got off work 2 hours early because the power went out at work, so none of us could really do anything without our computers. Justin and I just hung out at home that night. Saturday I hung out at home, then Justin and I went to the movies and then went to hang out with everyone at Tara & Phil's house. Nate is about 4 months old now, and looks so much bigger! He's very cute, and was not fussy at all even with 9 strangers hanging around his house. Yesterday Kira called me because she was going hiking somewhere up here, and she came and hung out for a while. It was nice to see her! Then I had book club, which was cool. Kelly ( who's got the same due date as I do), is looking very pregnant, and Melinda came for the first time, which was really great.

Things with Sam are still going well. I feel more and more like I need to "get stuff done" around the house to get ready, but there isn't that much that I need to do really. Just pack some stuff up in the kitchen so I can store bottles, and box up some stuff to go to the storage unit. Maybe when I go to Borders tonight I'll ask if they have any extra boxes, since that's what I need to be able to pack up. I also need to get some wood putty so I can FINALLY finish my 2nd stained glass project that is about 90% done, and get it off the dining room table, where it's been for about 9 months.

I feel Sam move all the time now. He is not as active at night anymore, but in the morning between 9-12, he is a lot more active. I love feeling him move, it's really cool.

Well, that's the update for now. I just came across some "Mother of the Day" questions on one of my message boards - we use them to get to know each other better. So I thought I'd post some answers here for anyone that's interested. Some of the questions might be the same as the one I posted a couple of months ago, but it could be interesting to see if my answers have changed.

How did you and SO meet? We met at T-Mobile, back when it was VoiceStream. We were both working in the call center in Bellingham, and he transferred a call to me of an irate customer who was being difficult. I e-mailed him after I got off the call to tell him how it came out, and we just started e-mailing and talking at work. Our first real date was to the VoiceStream Xmas party that year!

Whats your favorite thing about your SO? That's kind of hard question! I love the way he loves me. We fit so well together, and he really understands me. He lets me make crazy lists and be crazy in general, and always knows when I need a hug. He's so good with kids too, and he's going to be the best dad. I can't imagine being with someone that I'd fit better with.

Conception story? We went through quite a process... we were trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years, and I had been on some fertility drugs almost the whole time because of not ovulating regularly. In August of 2005, we talked about it, and I decided that the whole thing was getting too hard for me - having a negative result every month, even after we had tests done and started doing artificial insemination. We talked about it a lot and decided that we should start saving up money for adoption. It was a hard decision, even though I've always liked the idea of adopting (internationally). Because of the timing of when we decided, we went ahead with one final attempt at the fertility clinic, not thinking anything would really come of it. That's when we got our positive test. When I saw the test, I didn't even believe it. I didn't even get excited about it until I'd gotten my second blood test back from the doctor, because I couldn't believe it was really happening! Even though I'm not a superstitious or religious person, I really feel like it's such a blessing that this is all happening.

Dream Car? Even though it's totally impractical, I still love the Ford Mustangs. I LOVE the new one, with more of the style like the old models from the sixties!

Dream vacation? Hm... that's a hard one! I would like to go to the Carribean or Australia and go scuba diving. We went in Hawaii, and although it was a little scary, it was also cool, and I would like to go somewhere that they have more colorful and bigger fish. I would also like to go back to England with Justin and visit Ireland and Scotland as well.

Dream Job? My dream job would be being a stay-at-home-mom and housewife, and then working part time at my best friend's cafe/record shop (which would have to exist first, but it's a dream, right?).

Favorite TV show, Movie and Book? For those of you who know me, you know that this question is somewhat impossible considering how addicted I am to all three of those things. My favorite shows right now are Lost, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, House, Numbers, CSI and My Name is Earl. My favorite movie... there are several for different reasons, but some of my favorites are Jurassic Park, Bride & Prejudice, Sliding Doors...

Favorite Guilty Pleasure? Definitely my subscription to US Weekly.

More kids or NO WAY? Yes! Only one though.

Whats the craziest thing you have ever done? Hm... I guess it depends on your definition of 'crazy'. The craziest thing I've ever done in terms of taking a risk or doing something outside my normal realm was probably when I spent the semester in England. It was a big step since I'd never been away from home for that long, or that far away.

Your Pregnancy!

Your Due date? May 2, 2006

Boy or girl? Boy!

Nursery theme? Well, there is no nursery since we live in a one bedroom. But the general theme for baby is ANIMALS! We have a bedding set and other accessories picked out that are animal themed.

What names were considered in your debate? We didn't really debate much on boy names! We picked the names out so long ago that I don't remember the discussion that well. It wasn't hard to decide on the name we picked because it means something to both of us. Our girl name, which I still hope to use someday is Abigail Edith. If we had 2, we would have named the second Samantha Rose.

What is the final decision? Samuel Denn Heiner. This is a family name from Justin's family. Samuel Denn was a marshall or something similar who was sort of famous in his area. Actually, we have more information on him at home, I just have memory problems (I blame the baby). I also like this name because I had a really good friend named Samuel (Sam), who is no longer with us. I like the idea of remembering him every time I think of the name.

What did you do when you found out you were pg? I walked in to the bedroom and shoved the test in Justin's face. He was still asleep and I think it was confusing to him. I didn't really get excited right away, I was just scared that it was not true!

When you found out your were pg, who was first to know? The first person I told was Justin. That day at work, I told my boss, Laurie. I was really freaked out by the whole thing so I was not acting quite normal. Laurie is a good friend, and I was happy to tell her. The same night I told Brooke. I didn't tell Mom or anyone else until I'd gotten the tests back from the doctor.

What was their reaction? They were all really happy! Everyone that we told in the beginning was so involved in the whole thing that they knew our whole story, and how happy this was for us.

Who’s going to be there for the delivery? Justin, hopefully Mom (as long as the baby doesn't come too fast, she will be), maybe Kira, Justin's Mom & brother are welcome, but maybe not during the actual pushing part. Laurie will be there to take pictures for us throughout the whole thing.

SO cut cord or doctor? Probably the doctor, it's not something that's really important to us.

Weird pgc cravings? I don't really feel like I have many cravings, although every once in a while I just want someting, it doesn't last. Like one day I wanted a chocolate frosted donut for two days and then I finally bought one and ate it. But I don't crave them all the time.

Nesting? Clean or fanatical? Yes, yes, yes :-) I am definitely restless about getting the house ready, clearing out clutter etc.

Do you read or talk to baby already? Yes... I don't read to him, but sometimes I talk to him, and sing, especially when I'm driving home from work.

If so what do you read / play / sing? I just talk to him about whatever, I know he hears my voice whenever I talk, but I like to talk to him. I sing sometimes with the radio turned down low, or a lot of times I sing the 'House at Pooh Corner' by Kenny Loggins, which was something that was sung to me when I was little.

Do you let ppl rub your belly? Only some people. Now that I'm starting to look actually pregnant, it's definitely a risk! But, most of the people I know ask first, and only a couple of them have.

Favorite thing about being pg? The fact that it's a baby! Also, being able to eat whatever I want.

Worst thing about being pg? Well... the being sick for four months kind of sucked. Now it's just aches and pains, difficulty getting in and out of the car, not being able to bend over...

Whats your Prego fashion like? Well, pretty much the same as before. I've bought some maternity tops, but they're things that I would have bought anyway in regular sizes. I stopped wearing jeans for a few months until I finally got some maternity jeans, which are super comfortable. I just try to get things that I like and I like how they look.

Weirdest pgc dream? That would probably be the one where I went to a party and wore giant high heels all night, which is insane, and then I met Nick Lachey and I had a truck, and we kissed, then we went back to his house which was his house with Jessica Simpson, but she wasn't there. Then he was gone, and I lived at his house with Queen Latifah for three days. On the third day the washing machine broke and I called Justin and wondered why he hadn't called me since I'd been gone for four days.

Post Pregnancy!

Whats the first thing you say to baby? I guess I won't know until it happens! Maybe hello.

What do you think your reaction will be when you see baby? I think I'll cry.

What do you think SO reaction will be? Grinning. A lot.

Breast or Bottle? I'm going to try breast feeding and stick with it as long as the baby does well with it.

Returning to work or SAHM? Stay at home mom! I am so excited!

What the one thing you can’t wait to do after being pg? Introduce Sam to everyone who wants to meet him, and spend time with him and Justin.

When you look at children today what do you say “not my child” about? Kids who are not polite, don't say please or thank you, don't share. Most of the things I see kids doing that I think are insane are because of not being disciplined ever in their whole life. I think it's great to tell kids 'yes', but there have to be some limits!

Stand in the corner or spanking? All for the time out here.

Pacifier or thumb? Pacifier. It's hard to take a kid's thumb away from them.

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