February 9, 2006

Shopping Trip

We just got home from dinner and a little bit of shopping with Justin's Mom. We went to Cucina Cucina and I got to eat yummy artichoke dip. They re-printed their menus, and they have the flatbread with the dip again instead of the chips they changed to for a while.

After dinner we went to Babies R Us. The store down there is roomier than the one in Alderwood (we were in Southcenter tonight). We looked at dressers and decided on the one we want, which actually ended up being the same one I registered for online. Also, the price in the store is the same as the price on BabiesRUs.com, even though it says the "list price" is $80 more. They were out of stock on it, but the guy in the furniture department said that they will get more from the factory in about 2 weeks, and they're going to call us when they come in so we can go and buy one and pick it up. I have to call Kira and ask if she'll go with us so we can bring it home in the truck. I can't wait until we get it, although after that it's lots of laundry for me, because I'll finally start washing all of Sam's clothes.

Speaking of clothes, we also bought a very cute onesie with bear pirates on it. I saw it last weekend when I was there with Mom, and decided to buy it today. We also bought the lamp that we registered for because we needed a new lamp in the bedroom and wanted that one eventually. We had a lamp before, but it's one of those lamps that turns on when you touch it, and our cat figured out how to turn it on in the middle of the night when he wanted attention. So that didn't really work for us. There are pictures of the lamp and the pirate outfit in the photo album!

Not much else going on, I'll update again soon!

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