February 15, 2006

Seventh Month Pregnancy Reflections

I've started thinking about the nursery:
Well, we aren't going to have a nursery, since we just have a one bedroom apartment. Or I could say the nursery is a beautiful shade of blue with a darker blue accent wall. We do have a general animal theme going on and got the Malawi bedding set from Babies R Us, it's green with animals.

I've been dreaming about you:
Not literally, but thinking about you a lot! I can't wait to meet you.

I used to love food! Now I avoid:
Anything really spicy. Heartburn! But Cheetos taste really good to me now.

I never thought pregnancy would make me:
Lose weight... Also, I sort of did think it would happen, but didn't realize the extent of the mood swings that could happen! I feel like I'm manic depressive. Only I know why I feel that way and that it's not rational, but I stil can't stop it!!

I can't wait to:
Get the dresser, start washing Sam's clothes and putting them away, set up the crib, get our house all ready for baby!

My prenatal visit this month taught me:
That Sam is doing just fine! He's in the 44th percentile for size, and measuring a few days ahead of schedule.

My hopes:
That the house will be ready in time, that I'll feel happy with the level of tidyness we acheive, that I will not be in labor for too long.

My fears:
It doesn't really change every month... mostly giving birth.

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