February 6, 2006

All is Well

Sorry it's been a week again since I wrote anything! Here I am though. I had my 28 week appointment today (I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow). First I went and got the gestational diabetes screening. For those of you who don't know, this is when you drink a 10 ounce bottle of liquid sugar that tastes like a melted popsicle, then go get blood drawn exactly an hour later. Then we went to the doctor for an ultrasound and regular appointment.

Well, my weight increased .5 pounds!! Ha. It's not super, but at least I'm not losing weight anymore. The ultrasound was good - showed that Sam is measuring a little ahead of schedule - almost 29 weeks! He's in the 44th percentile for size, so he is doing just fine. We got a couple of pictures, still hard to see. He's not very cooperative! This time he wasn't moving around as much, but he didn't want to put his head in a very good position for pictures. I'll scan the ones we did get in the next day or two and put them in the photo gallery. At the regular appointment we heard the heartbeat - today it was 142 - and the doctor measured my stomach, which is 28-29 cm, which is right on target. I'm now on to doctor appointments every 2 weeks, so my next one will be on Feb 21.

Mom came down to visit over the weekend, which was great. We just hung out, went to the maternity clothes store and I got some panel jeans... I never though I would, but even my elastic waist pants are getting a little less comfortable (the ones with the thick elastic) since they fall right on the middle of my belly. I also got a couple of shirts that were on sale, a good deal. Then we went and explored at Babies'R'Us for a couple of minutes and I showed Mom some of the stuff we'd registered for. I looked at some dressers, and they don't have delivery directly from the store. So, we're going to go order one, and when it comes in in 7-14 days, hopefully Kira will be able to come and help us bring it home! I'll be excited to get it home.

Sam is moving around a ton, and I love feeling him moving all the time. I think we are going to have an active little boy on our hands! I'll write more soon.

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