January 15, 2006

Sixth Month Pregnancy Reflections

Buying maternity clothes was:
frustrating for the most part. Many maternity stores think that pregnant women magically don't grow beyond a size L or XL. I went to Lane Bryant today and bought a couple of pairs of pants that are bigger, so I'll try them on later tonight and see how they work. I still have a lot more exploring to do in this area though...

The biggest change in my body has been:
Losing so much weight (35 pounds), and gaining some back in other places. Also, my belly button. See more below.

My favorite change in my body has been:
My belly slowly flatening out. My belly button is definitely less than half as deep as it used to be, and I don't know why, but that is really funny and fascinating to me.

What I never thought would change was:
That I would start to look more pregnant instead of just fat.

At this month's prenatal visit I learned that:
I will have to take the gestational diabetes test in four weeks, and drink some kind of crazy syrupy drink. Yuck. Also that I'm still losing weight, which isn't necessarily terrible, but maybe not great either.

My hopes:
That my weight loss will start to turn around. That I'll start feeling Sam move more often. That I will be able to get all the BIG stuff done before April so I can enjoy my time off, since I won't get any more for a few years.

My fears:
Everything involved in the actual labor and birth process... I'm hoping the labor and delivery class I finally got us signed up for will help in that area.

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