January 25, 2006


In fourteen weeks I am going to have a BABY! Fourteen weeks used to seem long a long time. Three months used to seem like a long time. Not anymore... It seems really short now.

I don't know what happened last weekend, but suddenly I feel REALLY pregnant. I can't bend over, I was sitting on the floor of my office filing on Monday because I could bend over to reach the bottom drawer. I can't cross my arms anymore because either my belly is in the way, or they sit on top of it, which is very uncomfortable. I can't pick things up/carry things the way that I used to. It's like it all just came on very suddenly. On Monday I was so uncomfortable that by 3:00 I literally could not sit in my office chair anymore and had to try to work standing up. Luckily a guy from our IT department sacrificed his chair for me to use, which is nicer than the one I had. On Monday at the end of the day, I felt like I had a watermelon in my stomach and it was about to pop out the front of my body.

I'm definitely not complaining! I like feeling more pregnant and not just 'not normal', and I definitely like looking pregnant. Also, I'm feeling Sam move all the time now. I can feel it when I'm sitting or standing, and I feel it throughout the day instead of just at night. It's still strongest when I'm lying down, and last night I could forsee a future of being bruised on the inside... Last night, Justin finally felt it! It's hard because usually there is a while between movements, so I tell Justin to feel it and it just doesn't happen. But last night he was moving a lot, so Justin put his hand on my stomach and felt Sam move. He was happy!

I'm starting to feel like I really need to "do stuff", but I don't know what. We don't have a TON to do to get ready - mostly it's getting the stuff we need into our house. I just need to make a list so we can start doing some shopping. I'd rather do a little at a time than one giant trip I think.

I posted a picture of myself in the photo album, and on the welcome page. It's from yesterday after I got home from work. Speaking of work, it's time for me to start doing that now! More soon...

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