December 1, 2005

Yes, I am Still Here

Sorry it has been so long since I've updated the blog. I try not to go more than a few days, and I think it's been at least a week! I had a busy week last week. Grandma Edie came down on the night of my birthday, last Wednesday. We hung out at home and she baked some delicious pies for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving we all went down to Justin's Mom's in Grapeview and had yummy food and there were 7 pies and a cake. And ice cream. Friday I refused to go to any stores, so instead we stayed in the house all day and watched TV. Saturday we went & saw "Rent" and Kira came for the night so she could be in Seattle Sunday morning for the 1/2 marathon. Sunday we had a little get together at our house for my birthday & Tara's birthday, had some cake and hung out with friends.

Things are still going well. I have been on time for work every day this week (in fact, 2 days I got here at 8:00 even instead of 8:30)! I am feeling good about that because I like getting off at 4:30 and didn't really want to change my schedule. I think I can manage my regular schedule again now. I have also been getting caught up at work, getting little things done that have been waiting for me. We are going to start looking for the person to replace me soon, hoping they can start in January and have overlap.

I only have 4 months left until I'm off work. It seems a lot more managable now than it did when I had 5 months left. Time is going by a lot faster in the past couple of weeks, and I know that's going to continue through Christmas time since we have so much going on.

Only 11 days until our BIG ultrasound and finding out if the baby has a hot dog or a hamburger. Yes, that is another weird food analogy from a baby website. I think that the baby is now the size of a large sweet potato according to them. It will just be nice to be able to call the baby by name, especially since hopefully I'll start feeling movement soon!

Justin's Mom & Rich got me the glider chair from my registry for my birthday. It was so nice of them! Justin put it together the day after Thanksgiving and it is very comfortable.

The best news around here is that some very good friends of ours have put in an offer on a house and are putting their house on the market this week! I am so happy for them, they need more space for their 2 little ones, and I know that they have been wanting to move for a while. The best part is that the house they're hopefully getting is only 8 miles further away than where they live now! I'm glad they didn't decide to move 45 minutes away. I still would have gone, but this would be nicer. The added bonus for me is that since they're going to have to start showing their house, they have to start packing and things, so I'll be getting a load of baby stuff sometime in the next couple of days! I am sure that I've seen most of it before since we are together so much, but I just can't wait to go through all of the clothes and see what's in there. I know that there will be good stuff, because their mom has good taste!

I am still feeling not the best. I have gotten sick a couple of times in the morning. The upside is that after I throw up, I always feel a lot better. It still sucks though. I have the most trouble in the morning and at night in the hours before bed. I'm getting better at managing my food. It's hard for several reasons. First, it's hard to remember to eat when I'm not hungry. By the time I feel hungry, I've gone too long without eating and feel sick and don't want to eat. This is the opposite of what normal people do! Second, I am still having aversion. Basically, nothing sounds good to me, so it's hard to decide what to eat. Some things still make me feel unsettled, so I am still limited. Third, I think it's just hard to get used to trying to eat "normally" when I ate so little for the last four months.

I haven't felt the baby move yet, so I'm looking forward to that. I still am not "showing" - no one would look at me & think I was pregnant, but I can see a change a little bit in my waistline getting flatter. I think that it's going to go away completely at some point when the baby is bigger!

Well, that is probably enough for now. There may be more I wanted to say, but if I think of it I will write again, and I promise not to wait so long until my next post!

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