December 28, 2005

Surprise Baby Shower!

Hello! I'm in the TV room at my Dad's house in Flemington, NJ using Kira's laptop to make this entry. Justin's working on his laptop, and Kira is knitting and watching an old episode of 'Sex in the City' that's on. I'm very tired after staying up WAY past my bedtime the past few nights when Emmy was here.

Today I had a SURPRISE baby shower, masterminded by Helene. We were supposed to go to lunch at her cousin's house, and I was looking forward to it, but at the same time driving over an hour to have lunch, I was dragging my feet a little. When we got there at 12:25 (25 minutes late...), there were... people! And balloons! And presents!! And cake!

It was so nice for them to do that for me. I won't see anyone again until after the baby comes, and it was just really thoughtful. The people who were there were:

Helene, Lianna & Kira
Jaque & Judy (Helene's cousins)
Aunt Theresa and Darby
Aunt Ann & Emmy
Grandmom Doley
Laurie & Aunt Barb
Gayle and Carlie
Aunt Lena & Grandmom Anthony

It was a good opportunity to see people again before going home, and it is just really great to know people care and are excited about the baby! We got lots of presents, including our bedding set (quilt, diaper stacker, valance, sheet, dust ruffle, and crib bumpers), the snugli carrier, window shades, gift card, and lots of very cute little clothes and stuffed animals. Oh yes, and a photo album and baby book, neither of which I've bought yet. I need to get a box to start Sam's baby box - I'm going to put all the keepsakes in a small box so everything will be together, like my entries here and the e-mails people have sent me. It was tiring, but a great day. I feel so lucky to have such a great family.

We only have 2 more days here in New Jersey- our flight leaves at 7 something on Friday night to go home. It's been great visiting and watching Lianna. She's seven now, and very cute of course. She has been playing games with us and reading books, and I think she's liked having us around. Tomorrow I've got to figure out how to send the stuff from today home. I'm thinking probably ship it since we don't need it right away and that way we won't have to carry it home from the airport.

I still haven't felt Sam move yet, but I continue to see changes in my body, now at a faster rate. I can feel where Sam is for sure now, and my stomach is still flattening, and my belly button still disappearing slowly. I'm thinking I'm going to need to go shopping soon - after wearing my jeans all day today I suddenly had to go and change because they felt way too tight all of the sudden!

Well, my brain is all over the place, and my thoughts are jumping around all over the place so I'm going to go now. I probably won't write again until this weekend sometime, because I think I'll be busy the next couple of days.

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