December 4, 2005

It's Starting!

We went over to hang out at Brooke & Dave's on Friday night, and since they're trying to clean up and pack things up, we took a bunch of stuff off their hands. We took about 4 or 5 bags of clothes which we'll sort through later (we took boy & girl from newborn up to some that are 2T or 3T). We're sorting through them, then when we find out if this is an Abby or a Sam, we'll sort through and make a donation to a local goodwill with the things we don't need. I've enjoyed looking through them, it's exciting!

We also got the base to the infant car seat, and the stroller, which they'd decided they don't need anymore. I'm very happy about that, it is in good shape & still has lots of use left in it. So I've taken the Travel System off our registry, since we have one already! The great thing is that the one they gave us is the same way - the infant carrier can fit into the stroller for when the baby's very small.

I can't believe that our big ultrasound is in only 9 days! I am so excited, and the time has been going by much faster since I passed 16 weeks or so. I wonder if the time will fly by for the next 5 months? I just hope it continues until the beginning of next year, I'm impatient for Christmas and to take my trip to New Jersey! Well, I better be off. We're having a brunch for book club today so we can do our gift exchange etc, and I need to get ready!

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