December 14, 2005

It's a BOY!

We had our 20 week doctor appointment today, and it is most definitely a BOY. So, we now have a little Samuel to talk about and look forward to! Sam is doing well, everything looks and measures normal and right in the right stages of development. He has long legs, and was kicking them like crazy during the ultrasound. We didn't get any really great profile shots of him, but we did get a video of the entire ultrasound, which Justin will start working on tomorrow, and hopefully be able to pull some good screen shots from. I promise to have ultrasound pictures up soon - as soon as we can decipher all of them and get them scanned (sorry Mom, probably not 'til Wed night). Now I can refer to the baby as 'him' and know that I'm actually right about it!

Also, the ultrasound technician said something about that in addition to it being my first baby, the position of the placenta is also going to make it so that I might not feel any movement right away. The way the baby is sitting, the placenta is giving good padding so he's really got to move before I feel it.

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