December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas Eve

The last few days have been quite busy!! We are in New Jersey at my Dad's house visiting for Christmas. I had a busy few days before leaving. I guess this is the first time I've had a job where there is so much that I do and I really had to get a lot of stuff completed before leaving on my vacation. Then there was tones of stuff to do at home, and I was trying to finish laundry, so I didn't go to bed until midnight the night before our flight. The flight itself was uneventful, other than getting really uncomfortable about halfway through, and having to stand up for a while, which helped. Didn't do much yesterday except hang around the house and knit a hat. Later today we'll head over to John & Marilyn's (Helene's brother & sister in law) for Christmas Eve dinner with Helene's family. Then tomorrow we'll have all of Dad's family over for Christmas dinner. It should be fun to have Christmas with Lianna, I haven't in a very long time since last year we got here on the 26th. She has a very long list for Santa and is excited about him coming here.

I'll try to keep updating while I'm here, but not much news on the baby front! I still haven't felt Sam move, but I am sort of expecting it to be a couple more weeks because of what the nurse said about the position of the baby. I'm starting to have a little bit of back pain, but that's probably due to sleeping in a bed that's not my normal bed. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and has fun with family or friends, or with whatever you decide to do! Merry Christmas!!!!

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