December 19, 2005

Good Times

Hello! Sorry it's been a few days since I updated. I have been very busy both at work and at home getting ready to leave for New Jersey this Thursday. We'll be there from the 22 to the 30, and I am really looking forward to the trip. It just seems like there is a ton to do before I go!

So far, Sam has received 2 Christmas presents. He got a very soft fuzzy blanket from his Great Aunt Becky, and a noisemaking bird stuffed animal from Grandma Edie. This marks the first receipt of a noisemaking toy which I will soon be listening to 100 times in a row. I am already preparing for it though!

I finished going through all of the baby clothes and boxed up all the little girl clothes for future use by us, or by someone else. Since we have a storage unit, I figured why not keep them for a while, someone will probably be able to use them. On top of the big pile we have already are four brand new outfits that we recieved from my boss, Laurie. SO cute! They're in different sizes, and my favorite is the 9 month outfit, it's a little plaid shirt & overalls and a little vest. This baby will be stylin'! Now I am anxious to get the dresser so I can start putting things away.

Mom took the fold up crib home with her when she left yesterday, she's going to keep it at her place for when we come up to Bellingham. We will have the regular crib, plus the bedside sleeper that Tara has offered to loan us, so we probably won't need the fold up for our house. It will be nice to be able to keep some stuff there so we can go visit often without lugging a lot of junk back and forth.

I have 3 months and 2 days (65 work days) of work left before I'm home all the time. I am really looking forward to being able to go & visit in Bellingham and to go to a lot more of the Farmer's Markets in Tacoma next year.

The best news from the past week is that Jason (Justin's brother) got assigned his residency, so Jason, Stormy, Gryphon & Tempest will be moving back to Washington in the spring! He'll be working down in Tacoma at Madigan. We are so excited that they're coming here and not moving to Texas! It will be nice for Sam to have his little cousins around.

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