December 15, 2005

Fifth Month Pregnancy Reflections

The first time I felt you kick:
Was not in my fifth month, but into the sixth. Because of the position of the placenta I haven't been able to feel much so far.

It felt like:
It's so hard to describe... the best way I can think of to describe it to another person is some kind of thick liquid dripping into another thick liquid and sort of... blubbing. That sounds ridiculous. Or maybe... something meeting resistance and then sort of popping free.

I felt:

The strangest food craving I've had is:
No craving! Well, actually, when I very first got pregnant I craved meat. Specifically, pepperoni. Now I don't really crave anything, in fact, I don't eat much. Maybe when I start really eating more, I'll eat some ice cream with pickles or something.

This month's prenatal visit taught me that:
You are a boy! Everything is normal, and you are just the right size and weight. Also, you move around a lot and I'm probably going to have to chase you all over the place when you start crawling! I also found out that once I start feeling him, I'll definitely be feeling him, as he kicked through our entire ultrasound.

My hopes:
That I'll stop feeling sick soon. Seriously. I am tired of it! Also, that I'll feel the baby move soon. I can't wait until there is something else there to remind me what a great gift I'm getting in five months!

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