November 15, 2005

Fourth Month Pregnancy Reflections

What I least expected with this pregnancy was:
That it would feel so unreal for so long... I still can't believe it sometimes. How happy people would be for me. How impatient and excited I would be to meet my baby.

The best bit of advice I've received is:
My best advice is from my Mom, who told me that if I really wanted to stay home with the baby and not work, there was definitely a way to make it happen even if we didn't think that we had enough money.

What has changed the most in my life with this pregnancy is:
Finances... we have a hard time with budgeting and control, but because of the baby we are getting on track and trying much harder, and I think it's going to work! Also, just things like going to bed at 9:30 and still not feeling rested enough after 10 hours of sleep, and feeling so tired all the time.

What made me realize that I was really pregnant was:
Our second ultrasound at 12 weeks where we saw the baby move for the first time.

This month's ultrasound was:
We won't have one this month... but our last one was incredible. Our little one actually looks like a baby now, and was moving his/her hands all around! I cannot wait to meet this baby.

At my prenatal visit this month I discovered that:
I love my baby more than most things in the world, and that our little guy/girl is doing just fine and results from our tests are normal.

My hopes:
That we'll be able to stick to our budget and save up the money so we won't go bankrupt when I leave my job. Just kidding, we won't go bankrupt. But I hope that we can stick to it enough to have some savings to give us a little bit of comfort. That our baby will be healthy and allow us to sleep at least for a couple of hours at night when we get home from the hospital. That I will be able to feel the baby move sooner rather than later.

My fears:
That we won't be able to fit all the baby stuff in our condo! I still get scared that something might happen to the baby, but from everyone I've talked to, that is pretty much on the mind of every pregnant woman! I am also afraid that the baby will be stubborn and won't be in the right position and we'll have to wait until it comes out to find out if it's a boy or a girl!

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