November 20, 2005

Goodbye Sebring

We went to Puyallup today, and traded in our Sebring. We were thinking about just having one car, but I didn't really want to have the motorcycle as Justin's only means of transportation to and from work. We were going to refinance & sell the Chrysler, but decided we'd pay it down and try to trade it in for something more practical for me and baby.

One of the ladies in my book club reminded me that her husband's family owns sever car dealerships down in Puyallup at our last meeting. I've been in contact with him for the last week or two about our car. He found a couple that sounded like what we were looking for, so today we headed down to check them out. He mainly works managing the Kia of Puyallup store, and was so great in helping us get a good value for our trade in, and the payments we wanted on something else. If anyone is thinking of getting a car, I would recommend talking to someone at this dealership. They have lots of new Kia's, as well as lots of used cars, and I think four other dealerships in the same area as resources and places to look.

We are now the proud owners of a 2004 Suzuki Aerio (see photo album for a visual). It's a very basic car, which is exactly what I was looking for. It has four doors - much easier for baby- is still an automatic, has power windows and A/C and gets a bit better gas mileage than our old car. I'm glad that we got it taken care of now instead of waiting any longer. Woo hoo!

Baby Questionaire

Someone posted a kind of pregnancy questionnaire on the website that I go to on WebMD, and I liked some of the questions, so decided to post it here. Maybe I'll fill it out again when I'm almost due & see what the answers are then!

Nicest comment received while pregnant? Probably that I'm going to be a good Mom. I hope they're right! To be fair though, ALL of the comments I've gotten have been nice, and my family has been great.
Rudest comment received while pregnant? Hmm... I don't think anyone has really said anything rude to me (yet).
First reaction when you found out you were pregnant? Definitely disbelief. We had been trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years, and I couldn't believe that the test was actually positive! I really didn't believe it was true until my 2nd blood test came back from the doctor.
How did you tell your significant other? I went into the bedroom with the positive test and just kind of shoved it in his face.
What was your significant other's reaction? Confusion at first (I DID wake him up!), then happiness.
A guilty pleasure since being pregnant? Allowing myself to be late for work when I'm not feeling that well. And letting some things like e-mail responses and household chores fall behind so I can sit on the couch & relax after work.
What is your fav thing about being pregnant? Just being pregnant, and knowing that in only five months I'm going to be holding my little baby in my arms! Also, I love people's reactions when I tell them that I'm pregnant. It's fun!
What is your least fav thing about being pregnant? Not being able to enjoy food, and feeling sick a lot of the time. Luckily that is starting to get better.
Any names picked out yet? Yup. Abigail Edith for a girl, and Samuel Den for a boy. We even have a second girl name picked out in case we had 2 girls, Samantha Rose.
Nursery theme, if you have one picked out. Ha! This baby isn’t even getting a nursery! We have a one bedroom condo, so the crib will be in our room. We did go with a light gren sort of colored animal theme for the bedding etc we picked out though (gender neutral).
What will be the first thing you say to baby? I think I wil probably be speechless, and most likely will cry when I meet the baby. I have no idea what my first words will be!
Fav children's book? 'The Rainbow Goblins' and Chris Van Allsburg Books.
This pregnancy: planned or surprise? Planned! We are very excited to be starting our family!
Pre-pregnancy life: wild child or tame? Pretty tame. I guess I am old for my age.
Any cravings? If yes, what are they? When I first got pregnant I was craving meat, pepperoni and things. Now, I haven't been feeling well and haven't been eating much. I'm just starting to eat more, so we'll see if cravings kick in!
Which TV mom will you be most like? I hope that I will be like Lorelai Gilmore. Only talk slower and a little less.
SAHM or back to work after the baby? Stay at Home! I am very excited that we've found a way to make it work out. I'll be home as long as I can, we'll see what happens in the future.
During labor: all natural or bring on the drugs? I have wanted to have an all natural labor, but I am also a bit scared, and am thinking about the drug thing. I'm going to try to go without, and we'll see what happens. If I'm lucky, I'll take after my Mom and there won't be time for an epidural!
In-laws: love them or hate them? Love them! I got lucky with Justin, and with my step-parents, I have a GREAT family all around me.
Breast feeding or bottle? Breast feeding for sure.
What do you hope the baby gets from you/SO? From me, I hope that the baby gets my love for books, appreciation for family, and knowledge that anything is possible. From Justin, I hope that the baby gets his smarts, kindness and good sense of direction!
More kids or done? We would like to have one more after this.
Just won the lottery, what's the first thing you'd buy for yourself? I would pay off our debt, including our condo & car, then pay off debt for my parents, and my sister's student loans. Then a lot to charity.
Last movie that made you cry? Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, w hich I saw today. I won't say why for those who haven't seen/read it.
Household chore you never let SO do? I don't think there are any... up until I became totally exhausted during the pregnancy, I did a lot of the housework, I like it clean and don't mind doing it! I used to never have him vacuum, but then we got a new vacuum cleaner hat's awesome and now he doesn't mind it as much!
Household chore you absolutely refuse to do? Clean the cat litter! Especially during pregnancy! But if I HAD to, I would do it. It's the one chore I don't usually do though.
Least fav household chore? Cleaning the bathroom toilet & floor.
Do you read or sing to your baby yet? Not yet, maybe once it starts moving around more etc, as the pregnancy gets further along. And DEFINITELY after it's born!
Anyone getting on your nerves yet? Not really anyone who didn't already.
Will SO cut the cord? Probably not. It's not important to either of us.
Hold baby immediately after birth or wipe off the goo first? I'll probably defer to whatever the nurses do at the hospital I'll be at. Either one is okay with me!
Spankings or time out? Time out! I don't believe in spankings. I think discipline can be plenty effective without any hitting. Besides, how are you supposed to teach your kid not to hit people if you're hitting them?
Is your belly bigger or smaller than you thought it would be? Well, I'm not showing yet, but I didn't really expect to this far along. My weight gain, definitely smaller, I have only lost weight so far.
How many children do you want? 2
If you could pick the month and day your baby could be born, what would you pick? Hm... I don't know when I'd pick. Not in December. Actually, May seems pretty good!
Prediction: do you think you'll have a small or big baby? Hopefully small....
Will your child have to be 18 before piercings/tattoos or will you sign for them? Who knows? We'll see when the time comes. If they are going to do it anyway, I might as well sign so they can get it done somewhere safe & clean.
How much weight have you gained? Negative 24 pounds.
Beside SO, who was your fav person to tell you were pregnant? My Mom and sister. They were both so happy, but I got to tell my Mom on her birthday, which was really cool.
First thing you bought for the baby? Haven't actually bought anything ourselves yet. Our first gift was a pair of cute little booties that my Mom bought.

November 17, 2005

Test Results are Good

I got a call from my doctor at 5:00 yesterday telling me that they got my bloodwork back from my appointment on Tuesday. I was surprised/happy that they came back so fast! We had blood drawn on Tuesday for the 'Quad Screen'. For people who don't know what it is, here is a short description:

"measures the amounts of three substances in a pregnant woman's blood: alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), and estriol (uE3). The levels of these substances help estimate the risk that a fetus may have certain defects. The test results are computed based on a woman's age, her weight, her race, and how far along her pregnancy is, among other factors. The relatively new quadruple screen combines the triple screen and a test for the protein inhibin-A, which is produced by the fetus and the placenta. One large study of over 23,000 women has reported that the quadruple screen detects almost 86% of all Down syndrome cases."

I was nervous about having the test done even though there is no history of any problems in either of our families. I've heard a lot of stories about people having the test and having abnormal results, having to go through worrying and having more ultrasounds or amniocentisis, and then having it all mean nothing and having a perfectly healthy baby. We decided to have it anyway because if there WAS something detectible, we would want to know about it.

But, I got my test results back and the nurse said everything is normal and good with baby! I have been feeling so good since my doctor appointment, it really gives me a boost to hear the little heartbeat or see our little one on the ultrasound. I can't wait until I start feeling the baby move. It may seem silly, but I'm just getting to the point now where it's REALLY real to me all the time, and I am so excited!

November 15, 2005

Fourth Month Pregnancy Reflections

What I least expected with this pregnancy was:
That it would feel so unreal for so long... I still can't believe it sometimes. How happy people would be for me. How impatient and excited I would be to meet my baby.

The best bit of advice I've received is:
My best advice is from my Mom, who told me that if I really wanted to stay home with the baby and not work, there was definitely a way to make it happen even if we didn't think that we had enough money.

What has changed the most in my life with this pregnancy is:
Finances... we have a hard time with budgeting and control, but because of the baby we are getting on track and trying much harder, and I think it's going to work! Also, just things like going to bed at 9:30 and still not feeling rested enough after 10 hours of sleep, and feeling so tired all the time.

What made me realize that I was really pregnant was:
Our second ultrasound at 12 weeks where we saw the baby move for the first time.

This month's ultrasound was:
We won't have one this month... but our last one was incredible. Our little one actually looks like a baby now, and was moving his/her hands all around! I cannot wait to meet this baby.

At my prenatal visit this month I discovered that:
I love my baby more than most things in the world, and that our little guy/girl is doing just fine and results from our tests are normal.

My hopes:
That we'll be able to stick to our budget and save up the money so we won't go bankrupt when I leave my job. Just kidding, we won't go bankrupt. But I hope that we can stick to it enough to have some savings to give us a little bit of comfort. That our baby will be healthy and allow us to sleep at least for a couple of hours at night when we get home from the hospital. That I will be able to feel the baby move sooner rather than later.

My fears:
That we won't be able to fit all the baby stuff in our condo! I still get scared that something might happen to the baby, but from everyone I've talked to, that is pretty much on the mind of every pregnant woman! I am also afraid that the baby will be stubborn and won't be in the right position and we'll have to wait until it comes out to find out if it's a boy or a girl!

Back From the Doctor Happy

We got to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time today! We just got home from our monthly doctor appointment, and it was great. The doctor found the heartbeat pretty quickly, and let us listen to it, it's about 150 bpm now. He also said he heard the baby moving around. I got all choked up- I know that anyone who's a mom will understand when I say how much I love this kid even though it's only four and a half inches long (or the size of an avacado. Pregnancy websites are obsessed with fruit references to describe size). I'm kind of surprised I didn't just burst into tears with the way things have been lately!

When we left, we scheduled our next appointment and our BIG ultrasound for Tuesday, December 13. Unless the baby is mean and doesn't cooperate we should be able to find out if it's a little boy or a girl!!! I am so excited, everyone send me vibes so that the next four weeks fly by, ok? They also told us to bring a VHS tape and they can record the ultrasound, so other people can see the little bean too!

I also confirmed on the accurate scale at the doctor that I've lost 24 pounds since I found out I was pregnant. The good news is that I am 16 weeks today and FINALLY starting to feel better (I think - knock on wood). So, I'm sure that the weight loss will stabilize or reverse soon.

That's the news for today! I have to go eat now...

November 9, 2005

I'm Still Here

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. I started not feeling so great again at the end of last week. Last Friday I stayed home sick from work again. I felt crappy and just couldn't get going. It was only the fourth time I've called in sick since I got pregnant, but I still felt really guilty. On Monday my boss came in and asked me if I want to be here because she was worried about things that were not getting done and I told her I did. But the bottom line is that I NEED to be here. Unless I can find some other magical way to get $10,000, I need to keep working until the end of March so that we can get somewhere with our debt and savings before I leave my job. I wish there was another way, because I am distracted and I'm not doing a bad job, but I'm not the most focused person in the world right now. I am trying to give 100%, but maybe I don't have 100% to give right now? Plus I am sick of feeling sick, which isn't helping. I never thought it would be this hard! But I just keep reminding myself that in the end it's all worth it - doing whatever I can to allow myself to stay home after the baby comes is my priority.

Not only that, but every time I think that my "morning" sickness is getting better, something new happens. As in, yesterday and Monday I finally threw up in the morning while getting ready for work. So much for making it through my entire pregnancy without doing it. I am feeling better today, which is nice, but it seems like it just fluctuates between getting better and getting worse again. I'm past 15 weeks now, so I'm hoping that the end is in sight... I have heard encouraging words, and some other not-so encouraging ones (mostly that involve people saying that either their morning sickness was gone by six months, or that it never went away). Well, that's definitely my fear! But it gives me hope when I have good days.

I don't want it to seem like this is only a bad experience... it's just that those are the things that float to the surface. I have a doctor appointment in less than a week and I know that we'll get to hear the heartbeat, and I know that will re-energize my total excitement about what is happening. I just can't wait until I can feel the little bean move. Sometimes it still doesn't seem real to me! At our next doctor appointment when we schedule for our next one, I suspect we'll also get to register for our "big" ultrasound - ie finding out if this little guy is really a guy or a girl! I've heard a range that you can find out sometimes as soon as 16 weeks, but I think ours will probably be another four week wait - so around week 20, which will begin on 12/13. I can't wait!!! At this doctor appointment I'm also going to ask about baby classes at the hospital - when we should do them and when we need to be registered by.

So, all in all things are going all right and moving along. We got our new bed delivered on Saturday and it is SO comfortable!! I am still waking up and tossing and turning, but not as much, and when I'm asleep I can tell I'm sleeping better. It's really great!!

I'm also really starting to get excited about Christmas, and my visit to New Jersey/Pennsylvania! I just can't wait to see everyone. Well, that better be all for now, I've got stuff to do!

November 4, 2005

Another Week Gone!

It's Sunday night again, my least favorite time of the week. I'll have to get to bed in less than an hour and will probably still feel sick in the morning. Urgh, the week always seems so long on Monday morning. The good news is that I have not thrown up since last Tuesday... I felt bad those two days, so maybe there was something else going on too? I don't know. I feel all right now. I think maybe I'm evening out a little now that I figured out I pretty much have to eat SOMETHING every 2-3 hours. But I'm still not eating a lot of food...

In the last 2 days, people have asked both Justin and I if a) I am getting bigger and b) if I'm showing. Well, the answer to both is no. Last time I went to the doctor four weeks ago, I had lost 15 pounds, and am pretty sure I've lost more since then. Going by my scale at home, up to 25 lbs, but I don't know how accurate it is. I have another doctor appointment this Tuesday, so we'll find out a correct number then. The other part of it is that because of my weight in general, I will not start to show until a little later in the pregnancy. We'll see how things go! Like I said before, some other sign that I'm pregnant besides feeling bad/odd would be nice.

I am starting to get excited for the next 2 months. We have a lot of big stuff starting to come up! Well... let's see. Next weekend the new Harry Potter movie comes out, which we are all very excited to see. Then on the 21st Brooke, Justin, Dave & I are going to see Gwen Stefani at the Key Arena. The 23rd is my 25th birthday, and Mom will be here because the next day is Thanksgiving and the three of us are going to Justin's Mom's down in Grapeview. Then, we are almost in December! December 10 is Mom's concert, and we are very excited to go and hear her solo! Then it's just 12 days until Kira, Justin and I leave for our trip to New Jersey! Oh, and not to forget that sometime before that in December, we should be able to find out if this little bean is a Sam or an Abby!! Exciting... I think time will start moving quicker now with all of this happening! Woo!

November 3, 2005

The Good & The Bad

The Bad:

Why is it that every time I think I am really getting better, I start feeling yucky in some way or another? Last week I started eating more... but since then I have reverted to nothing sounding appealing to me. Sometimes I get hungry, but when I do, it's so hard to decide what to eat that doesn't sound like it will make me sick. Now in the last couple of days I feel sick again. It's different now... like, before I mostly just felt nauseous, but didn't usually feel like I might have to run to the bathroom and hurl at any moment. Well, that's sort of what I feel like now. It's all so frustrating, because I know I need to eat, I feel sick if I don't eat enough, but then I feel sick if I do eat. Argh.... I just want this to get better. I'm in week 14 now, so hopefully it will go away soon....

The Good:

Firstly, we are getting a new bed this weekend! We already picked it out, it's getting delivered to our apartment on Saturday. It's a king sized bed. I will admit to the embarrassing fact that our current matress was one of those cheap-o Sleep Country $99 specials, and we have been sleeping on it for five years. As soon as we went to check out new ones, we realized how crappy ours is. I am SO excited! We went last night and bought two sets of sheets (jersey... soft), and a 'bed in a bag' that came with some sheets, a comforter, dust ruffle etc. Shockingly, they are all some incarnation of blue. It is going to be tight in our bedroom with the bigger bed and the baby stuff, but it is also worth it to have a bed that isn't so crowded and allows us to sleep better. This is our Christmas gift from Justin's Mom & her husband, who hopefully realize that it's more than just a bed... it's the gift of me being able to sleep better now and get more rest so I feel better, and of having a comfortable place to sleep when we are getting much less after the baby comes. It will make those short stints of sleep much more valuable! It will also make us much more comfortable in a few years when little Abby or Sam has a bad dream and comes to our room in the middle of the night. That would be quite a squeeze on our current bed!

Secondly, other than feeling sick things are going well. Work is good... we are about to reach our target of 400 groups attending our workshops for the year. As of about 30 minutes ago, we are at 399!!! It will be the first time that Raising More Money has ever actually reached this particular target, and everyone is very excited about it! I've gotten 4 out of the 5 open positions filled in the last month, and the people who have already started are doing well.

Neither Good or Bad, but kind of funny:

Here is a list of a few of the things that have made me tear up and/or cry in the last couple of weeks: Listening to Laurie talk about a person in the seminar she took last weekend who, at 87 years old, is giving up the action of "It has to be my way"; listening to Laurie talk about the pictures she took of her friend with her newborn baby in the hospital at the moment she said hello; a story on the news about these little 6 year olds somewhere who were doing a skit of the Rosa Parks story and acting the whole thing out - they were SO cute; Toby confessing and the president being mean to him on The West Wing; getting home from a party where I saw a bunch of old friends from Borders who I don't see very often... I am sure there is more but I don't know what right now.

By the way, in the time I've spent writing this blog I have gone from almost throwing up to feeling normal. Crazy baby!