September 22, 2005

Wonky Hormones Too

Okay, so I know that I am definitely a little on the emotional side, and am always crying at TV shows and the movies. But lately, I cry at almost everything I watch. Including parts of the news. There was this story on the other day about this blind guy in New Orleans who had to leave his seeing eye dog behind when they evacuated and then they showed this video of him re-uniting with his dog. I was crying. Then of course, all of the shows are coming back on and making me sniffle... then Justin asks 'are you crying' and I'm like, leave me alone! At least now I can blame it on crazy pregnant lady hormones.

It's not just TV though. The other day we got a congratulations card from Justin's Mom, and inside of it was a gift certificate to Lane Bryant (my favorite store) for the "mom to be". I started crying in the car when I read it! I am such a goofball....

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