September 14, 2005


Getting out of bed is so hard these days! I just want to sleep for a couple more hours... I'm getting ready to get in the shower, but I don't really like the idea of standing up right now. I guess I'm lucky that I haven't had morning sickness too bad yet, but what I am feeling still sucks!

On a good note, I called my regular dr. yesterday to make my first REAL dr. appointment. My other doctor said that they'd probably schedule me in 2-4 weeks, but when I called they made me an appointment for next Tuesday! I was really happy, I only have to wait a week before that! The only thing that sucks is I know they're going to take blood. Hopefully I can drink enough water beforehand so it's not so hard from him. When I went for the bloodwork to confirm the pregnancy, they had to draw it from the back of my had both times.

All right, enough avoidance, I better go get ready for work!

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