September 15, 2005

Second Month Pregnancy Reflections

The hardest thing for me to give up is:

Being well rested! I haven't really had to give up any foods/drinks. I don't drink much alcohol and I don't drink enough caffeine to do any harm to the baby. I don't clean the litter boxes, but that's not really hard to give up! Ha.

This month I told:

Leela, Tara, Kelly Dorman, Dad & Helene

They reacted by:

They were all happy - it's so fun to tell people! Kelly is pregnant too and was so happy for me - they all were - because they know how long we have wanted this!

This month at my prenatal visit I learned that:

I saw the baby at my first ultrasound on 9/13/05. We got to see the heartbeat and I teared up a little. Haven't had my first big pre-natal visit yet.

New pregnancy symptoms I had this month:

Nausea!! Uck.

My hopes:

That I won't get any more sick than I am now. That I'll be a good mom! The usual I guess :-)

My fears:

Throwing up. Really. It hasn't happened yet, which is great. Also, giving birth is scary. I know that I can do it, but the whole idea just seems so messy and painful! I know that I won't care when it actually happens though, especially once I see my baby. And it's all worth it, I know that for sure.

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