September 21, 2005

More Ugh and A Good Doctor Appointment

Yuck. The last few days I have felt worse and worse every day. Getting up in the morning & getting to work on time is increasingly difficult. I have had about 1 hour of relief today from the "morning" sickness. Now (knock on wood), I haven't actually been sick yet, just terribly nauseated and sometimes wishing that I would get sick and that it would make me feel better! I am 8 weeks 1 day now, and am NOT looking forward to a possible 4 (or more) more weeks of this!! I don't think I'm eating enough, but it's hard to eat because everything sounds pretty gross and I'm afraid it will make me feel worse. I have been snacking constantly on crackers, and mostly eating a lot of carbs.

On a better note, I had my 2nd doctor appointment yesterday. It was my first appointment with my real OBGYN. I met with the nurse practitioner and she asked me about 1000 questions about my health/family background etc. Then she told me a bunch of stuff that I should not eat/do, and the debate over deli meats that Justin and I have been having was resolved. She also gave us a free diaper bag with hospital info, baby books and some free enfamil formula etc and scheduled me for my next appointment in 4 weeks, at which time I will have my 2nd ultrasound (yay!). I'll be sure to post those pictures as soon as they come. I also have a couple of other pictures to post, so keep your eye out!

I am dying to share my news with the whole world. Our original plan was to wait until 12 weeks, but it's possible I'm breaking down and won't wait the full time. We'll see... it would be nice to be able to explain to people why I look so miserable.

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