September 27, 2005

I Wish to Hibernate Now

I finally gave in and called in sick to work today. I'm 9 weeks today and have been feeling so crappy. I stil haven't thrown up (at least something good!), but I am nauseous for about 12 out of the 15 or so hours I'm awake every day. I haven't been able to stay up much past 9:30 lately. If I do, getting up and getting ready for work in the morning to get there on time is almost impossible. I wish that I coud go to sleep for the next three weeks and then wake up feeling better.

I am really happy even though I haven't been feeling well. I was talking to Mom this weekend about our plans for after the baby comes. I was planning to go back to work because I didn't think there was another option with our bills etc. But I realized that I REALLY don't want to go back to work. It's important to me to to figure out how I can stay home with the baby, and I'm committed to finding a way to make it work. I've looked at our finances a little bit and I am convinced that there is a way to do it. I'm really excited about this, although it's going to be really hard to tell my boss. I've told them I wasn't leaving and that Justin was going to stay home. But I did not realize that there was another possibility. I know that this is what is best for my baby and for my family, and I am sad to let them down because I love my job, but my family is the most important thing and has to come first. Hopefully soon we'll have an exact plan in place, and as soon as we do, I'll tell them so they'll have plenty of time to replace me & get someone else trained. As long as everything works out the way I think it will, I'll probably keep working until the end of March then be done. Wish us luck!

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