August 15, 2005

First Month Pregnancy Reflections

I started thinking I might be pregnant when:
I went to put my shoes on one morning and they didn't fit because my feet were swollen.

I found out I was pregnant when I:
I was up to day 30 of my cycle and decided to test, and it was positive! I didn't really trust it until after the dr did a couple of tests.

I felt:
Ecstatic! But at the same time, really disbelieving! I could not believe it was really true!

The first person I told was:
My husband, I shoved the pregnancy test in his face when he was sleeping and said wake up, wake up!

They reacted by:
Confusion (well, he just woke up!) and happiness!

The first ultrasound was:
I am scheduled for my 1st appt on 9/13/05.

My baby will be born:
May 2006

The strangest symptom of pregnancy I had this month was:
Definitely the sausage feet.

My hopes:
To not be too sick and to have a healthy, wonderful baby!

My fears:
Sickness, the actual birth...

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