August 31, 2005

Baby on the Brain

Well, I hit 5 weeks yesterday and I've got baby on the brain! I can't stop thinking about it, but I think that's pretty normal. We have shared the news with a few people - My mom, Justin's mom, Rob, Justin's Dad, Kira & Jason as well as our best friends Brooke & Dave. We're going to wait until the 2nd trimester for everyone else, which is probably when they'll see this web site!

I'm so excited, and it's been so fun telling my family that it's been hard to keep it a secret! People's reactions are funny. I'm so glad that my baby is going to have such a great family to grow up in!

Things are going pretty well so far. I'm really, really tired, and have been for the past couple of weeks. Last night Brooke asked me how I was at about 6:30 and I said, I think I could go to bed right now and sleep until tomorrow. I'm trying not to turn in to someone who goes to bed at 8:00 though! It's funny because I'm tired, but I don't care that I'm tired because it's worth it!

My feet are still swollen and most of my shoes don't fit. I'm going to ask the doctor about it. I think that normally this doesn't happen to people until later on (like 3rd trimester), but maybe it's normal? All I know is that I hope it doesn't last the next 8 months, because if it does I'm going to have to buy some new shoes! Size 9 (10??) here I come!

August 26, 2005


I can't believe that it's finally happening! I just got my results back from my 2nd blood test, and the numbers are great, I have my first ultrasound appointment scheduled for September 13 (7 week appt).

I'm so excited! I really can't wait to tell people, but I'm going to wait until past the 12 week mark to tell most people. My Mom knows, and so do Justin's Mom, Dad & Brother and my best friend. But I won't start actually announcing it or telling anyone about this journal until the end of October probably.

It's funny, we kind of have a running joke in our book club that every time someone has a baby, someone else announces that they're pregnant. I guess that means that Molly will be announcing her pregnancy next May. Haha.

August 15, 2005

First Month Pregnancy Reflections

I started thinking I might be pregnant when:
I went to put my shoes on one morning and they didn't fit because my feet were swollen.

I found out I was pregnant when I:
I was up to day 30 of my cycle and decided to test, and it was positive! I didn't really trust it until after the dr did a couple of tests.

I felt:
Ecstatic! But at the same time, really disbelieving! I could not believe it was really true!

The first person I told was:
My husband, I shoved the pregnancy test in his face when he was sleeping and said wake up, wake up!

They reacted by:
Confusion (well, he just woke up!) and happiness!

The first ultrasound was:
I am scheduled for my 1st appt on 9/13/05.

My baby will be born:
May 2006

The strangest symptom of pregnancy I had this month was:
Definitely the sausage feet.

My hopes:
To not be too sick and to have a healthy, wonderful baby!

My fears:
Sickness, the actual birth...