March 2, 2005

Hotel Rwanda & Paul Rusesabagina

Last night Kira and I went and saw Paul Rusesabagina speak at Town Hall. It was pretty great. When he first walked out on stage, he received a lengthy standing ovation and I found myself near tears. I find it so overwhelming to just be in the same place, listening, hopefully gaining some kind of wisdom from people who are so good and have done things I can't imagine doing. I felt much the same way I felt when I saw the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu in Vancouver - it was overwhelming to think about them and have such an incredible experience.

I've been thinking about it and am interested in getting more involved with some kind of organizations helping the people in Africa. I don't really understand why that's a part of the world we don't pay much attention to. The same kind of genocide is happening in Sudan and other countries now, and the AIDS epidemic is orphaning 6000 children a day. There are 1/2 a million children left in Rwanda who lost their parents during the 100 days in 1994 when over 1 million Rwandans were killed. And I never even knew about the Rwanda thing until I heard of this movie. I think I'll do some research on the internet. It's hard to know what to do, but I know that there are things to do that can help, even if they are as small as giving what little money I can.

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