February 2, 2005

You give me fever

Oh wait, no, that wasn't you. That was an ACTUAL fever. I didn't feel very well yesterday morning and by the end of the day was feeling weird & achy. Well, by the time I got home my temperature was up and I ended up shivering on the couch with a 100.1 fever and trying to sleep while I was trying to decide whether I was hot or cold. I felt better today, but still had a temperature this morning and felt nauseous. I didn't go to work, which I felt bad about considering that means someone else had to cover the front desk all day, but going in wasn't really an option. I'm feeling better now, although something still doesn't feel right. Hopefully by morning I'll be back to normal.

I'm a little stressed out because I feel like I have lots to do - I need to work on my stained glass project before class on Saturday and finish my book club book before book club this Sunday! Wish me luck :) I'm looking forward to relaxing in between those two events. It sucks having a day off when you're sick because it's really not relaxing at all. I'd rather be at work all day than feel like crap.

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