February 14, 2005

What a weekend!

What a weekend. Fun, Family, the ER.... Friday night we just hung out at home and vegged - watched some TV etc. Nothing big, but it was nice to relax!

Saturday I had stained glass class. This week we learned about foiling. Unfortunately, I can't do much of that since the grinder Brooke & I bought online has not come yet, so we have not been able to grind any more of our pieces. Hopefully it will arrive soon. After I got home, Justin took me to Friedlanders for a Valentine surprise! Yay jewelry! I got a pair of sapphire stud earrings and a gold ring that has a flower made out of sapphires with a diamond center. The only sad part about it is that it has be resized. That's the downside of buying a ring - you're so excited about it, but then you can't keep it! I should have it by the weekend though. Then Mom came down and we went & ate at the Rock Bottom and went and saw "Hitch", which was funnier than I expected. Now I don't dislike Eva Mendes as much as I used to.

Sunday was a big bundle of excitement... okay, not really. I got up and Mom was having trouble breathing. Asthma runs on and off in our family, and she just got over a respiratory infection type illness, so it's been bad for the last few weeks. So we took a nice Sunday jaunt over to the ER. Luckily, I found a group health place near my house, so she only had to pay $23 for the WHOLE THING, including the perscriptions they gave her! How great is that? They were very nice, and assured us that it was good we came in. The whole thing only took about 2 hours, which was also nice. Anyhow, all seems well now. I've never had asthma, but I can imagine how freaky it must be if you feel like you really can't breathe.

Sunday afternoon we went & saw "The Aviator". It was better than I expected, I did not hate Leonardo DiCaprio in it. Also, I didn't know much about Howard Hughes, but he was really kind of crazy. Then we went to Brooke & Dave's and watched part of the Grammys. It was sort of boring. Oh well.

Then this morning I had to go get a filling at the dentist. My mouth just stopped being numb, but now it kind of hurts. Apparently the normal amount of anesthesia is not enough for me, so they had to give me 3 ADDITIONAL shots of it. I freaking hate needles. I have another appointment next month for the other ones I need, so I'm really looking forward to that. This time I was smart and made the appointment at the end of the day so I don't have to come to work and try to answer the phone with a swollen tongue.

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