February 9, 2005

The Safest Corner in Seattle

Last night Brooke & I decided to brave Pioneer Square on Mardi Gras to see Royal Crown Review at the Fenix Underground. We were a little apprehensive until we actually got there and saw the most police I have ever seen in one place at one time. There were cop cars everywhere, cops on bikes, cops in a paddy wagon, cops on horses, cops on motorcycles. Clumps of 5 cops, clumps of 10 cops standing on the street corners & sidewalks. Even a couple of cops wearing beads. I thought maybe we should go to a different part of the city and commit some kind of crime because who would stop us? But we decided to forego a life of crime & just go to the show.

I'd never been to the Fenix before, it was pretty nice. I like that they have a lower dance floor and also have an upstairs with a balcony that you can watch from if you don't want to be right in the middle of the madness. We got there around 10 and the opening band was just starting. They were actually one of the better openers I've seen - I was entertained instead of standing there thinking 'just get off the stage and let the next people on'. Royal Crown Review didn't start until about 11:45 but it was worth the tiredness today. Swing shows are so much fun, and really ! Brooke told me last night that Southern Culture on the Skids is coming back, that will be a fun show if we get to go again.

PS: On another slightly bizarre note, in the last 15 minutes, the Fedex guy and the UPS guy both commented on my new hair color and the UPS guy also commented on my 'cute glasses'. Funny.

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