February 25, 2005

Paul Rusesabagina

I just bought tickets for Kira and I to go see Paul Rusesabagina speak next Tuesday night! We went and saw "Hotel Rwanda" a few weeks ago, and I thought it was really good. Well, you know, good and horrifying at the same time. Anyway, I just happened across a website two days ago that mentioned he was going to be in Seattle and found out about the tickets and everything. I'm glad that Kira is going too. Maybe we'll have dinner at a good veggie restaurant around here beforehand.

In other news... TGIF. Yesterday I had a meeting with Jennifer at 1:00 and by 2:00 when we were done, I had hit a major wall. I think part of the reason was that she told me that in the room they are walling off in the back of our office, there will be some desks and Shane, Omari & I will be sharing the space (and maybe Jake). I don't know if it's good or bad, I like having a little privacy, but it's work, so it probably doesn't matter much. For some reason though, I felt drained after thinking about it. The only thing that kind of sucks is that there are these giant whiteboards stuck to the walls and for some reason they apparently can't remove them. Which means unless we are willing to stick tape to stuff, we won't be able to hang anything on the walls where those are. Anyhow, I was so tired for the rest of the day.

I left a little early since I got to work early yesterday but we had to babysit Seamus & Lorelai last night. Both of them were really great. Seamus is adorable. He also got his foot stuck in this child sized plastic shopping cart and was sort of dragging it around which was pretty funny. Also, I was holding him on my lap and he started saying 'buh' and waving his hand like he was saying 'bye'! It was crazy. Brooke said he just started doing it like Wednesday. It's kind of his first communicative gesture/word type thing. Exciting! In the meantime, Lorelai still loves Spongebob Squarepants (which I have now grown quite fond of as well...) and is of course, still super cute.

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